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More Frequently asked shipping questions
More Frequently asked shipping questions

A list of questions the Customer Service Team are frequently asked by artist in relation to shipping

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If your new to site or just want a refresh on basic shipping info please first read How does shipping work with Bluethumb? FAQ. The below dives into more detailed questions we are frequently get asked in relation to shipping.

Why does Bluethumb recommend using AUS Post with small to medium artworks?

Auspost charge freight consistently with less nasty surprises, fees wise. AUS Post also have a high delivery accuracy to residential addresses (ie customer’s homes). And for those artists who hate waiting for couriers this means you take control of dispatch, having the convenience to send when suits you.

How can I arrange to ship with AUS Post?

We can provide pre-paid labels through our booking portal for detailed steps on how to do this see FAQ Shipping an Artwork Via AUS Post

What are the size limits on AUS Post?

Domestically they have a maximum package size of 105cm on any length. So the absolute overall maximum package size is 105cm x 105cm. Weight can not exceed 22kg or a cubic volume of 0.25 cubic metres.

For international orders the maximum girth (width + height) x 2 = girth) of the parcel can not exceed 140cm and the weight can not exceed 20kg.

Please note AUS Post is a seperate company to us and these restrictions can and do change without notice. It is always best to check in with them if you are unsure.

What are the size limits for other carriers?

Other couriers use trucks and can take very large packages. But they do charge on cubic weight, ie volume.

It is important to note, that if any package has a side > 149cm they have hefty oversize/manual handling charges.

As such we do require artists to try and package work no bigger than 10cm greater on length and width, with a depth no bigger than 10cm (unless artwork is listed deeper than 5cm) than the artwork listing size. For example if the work is 55cm (W) x 65cm (H) x 4cm (D) the final packaged size should not exceed 65cm (W) x 75cm (H) x 10cm (D). Excessive over packaging can lead to additional charges which we can pass onto the artist at our digression.

Are there any additional fees for artists?

As long as you package the work according to our packaging requirements, book shipment correctly (e.g. enter correct dimensions) and the work is successfully collected with no issues (due to artist error) there are no additional fees for artists.

There could be additional fees we may have to pass onto the artist if one of the following occurs:

  • Artwork packaging is greater than 10cm above the artwork listing size and there is additional charges by the courier as a result (e.g. manual handling, oversizes fees)

  • Futile Collection fees, these occur when the couriers attempt collection but fails to do so due to reasons such as unprepared parcel, artist unavailability at the location, or missing paperwork. Failure to collect due to courier error or issues are excluded.

  • Miss leading measurements are entered at the time of booking, leading to additonal fees, these may be passed onto the artist.

  • If the artist requests to change shipping method once shipment has already been booked and paid for.

  • Redirection fees these occur if we have to change the delivery address while the parcel is in transit. Fees may be passed onto the artist if an incorrect address is written on the box, the wrong label is use, or the incorrect work is sent to the wrong buyer.

Is the work insured?

Yes, if shipped with us. We have a one, all encompassing insurance policy. This covers all the freight we book, including your freight through AUS Post. It is one of the reasons we want you to use AUS Post or book a courier with us.

All you have to do is continue to package art correctly according to our Packaging Requirements for Artists and ensure your also taking and holding onto the required photographic evidence for insurance purposes. In the unlikely event of the need to submit an insurance claim we will reach out to you for the evidence, if this can not be supplied we can not submit an insurance claim and as such we will not be able to pay you for the work.

If an artwork is above $3000 in value, we’ll take out additional cover as a precaution. We are unable to insure any work shipped from the artist, that is framed under glass. Glass framed works are sent at the artists own risk.

Can I hand deliver?

Yes you can please see Can I Hand Deliver? article for more detailed information.

Does Bluethumb cover packaging costs?

No. Bluethumb does not cover or reimburse costs associated to packaging artwork. These costs should be factored into your artwork price, think of these as another business expense that is part of selling art.

Does Bluethumb give me the shipping allocation?

No, the shipping allocation is an allocation we add onto your artwork at the time of listing (based on size and weight). This allocation is used to cover all associated freight costs (including but not limited to booking and admin fees, return costs, and service charges by couriers) to all Australian locations.

Can I become responsible for shipping all my own orders and the associated costs?

Yes, you can apply to become what we call a Self Shipper, please see our Can I Become a Self Shipping artist? FAQ for more detailed info.

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