All artworks sold on Bluethumb should be packed well for transit: the work may be travelling interstate or even internationally. As such, we need to ensure it's ready for its journey to its new home.

Below is a guide on how we recommend to package your work. Please use this as the minimum packaging requirements to ship work(s), if you feel extra packing is required, please do so.

Sending Boxed (for stretched canvases with or without frames)

  • Acid free tissue paper or glassine paper is laid on top of the artwork surface.

  • Artwork is wrapped in a minimum of 3 layers of bubble wrap, securely taped down ensuring the corners of the work are sufficiently padded and protected with additional cardboard corners as appropriate.

  • Artwork is placed into a double thickness cardboard box. The artwork should fit in the box snuggly once wrapped, and not slide around.

  • Alternatively, use services such as Pack & Send to pack your artworks (please note, Bluethumb does not cover the costs of packaging so this will be at the artist's own expense).

  • Fragile tape/stickers/writing should be clearly indicated on the box.

  • For extra-large artworks, or artworks with heavy texture use wooden crate or extra-heavy duty cardboard. 

Sending Tubed (for unframed canvases or works on paper)

  • Acid free tissue paper or glassine paper is laid on top of the artwork surface, paper should be slightly larger than the image to fold over the edges.

  • Artwork is rolled with the artwork surface facing outwards.

  • Artwork tube is a minimum of 2mm in thickness and 1-2cm longer than the work at each end.

  • Ends are secured onto the tube with tape.

  • Fragile tape/stickers/writing should be clearly indicated on the tube.

For High Value Works

  • We recommend additional bubble wrap to be used.

  • Protective corners to be added.

  • If sending in double thickness cardboard box, adding an additional cardboard insert to the front and the back of the work.

  • Alternatively you may wish to crate your work - still wrap the work with bubble wrap first before placing inside the custom crate.

Please note Bluethumb does not cover any costs associated with the packaging of work(s); we recommend artists incorporate this into their pricing.

Photos of Packaging

Make sure you have taken photos of the packaged artwork as proof of packaging and hold onto these until the order has been finalised. These are required if the artwork is damaged in transit for us to submit an insurance claim, we will contact you directly if we need these. We need a photo of:

  • each artwork once it has been bubble wrapped and/or rolled (before it goes in the box or tube); and

  • the final packaging (the sealed box or tube) before the artwork is shipped.

If photographs cannot be provided when requested by the Bluethumb team, your work will not be eligible for an insurance claim. If we can not submit an insurance claim we cannot pay you for the work.


All artworks shipped by Bluethumb are insured against loss and damage in transit as long as you follow the above packaging and photograph requirements.

If any artwork is damaged in transit, we work with our insurers and take care of all the paperwork. The artists are paid the payout value of the artwork once the claim is approved.

A few cases which are not covered under insurance are: 

  • Glass breakage - Frames with glass are not covered under our insurance. Any damage to glass, or to an artwork due to glass breakage isn't covered.

  • Insufficient Packaging - if the artwork wasn't packaged securely enough.

We will contact you directly if an artwork has been damaged or lost, and request for the photos to be sent to us.

If you're looking for the collectors side of things - here's more info on that.

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