All artworks sold on Bluethumb should be packed well for transit.

For stretched canvases (with/without frames)

  • A minimum of two layers of bubble wrap followed by a sturdy cardboard box.

  • Make sure there's no movement room inside.

  • Insert extra sheets of cardboard to provide multiple layers of safety.

  • Alternatively, use services such as pack & send to pack your artworks

  • For extra-large artworks, or artworks with heavy texture use wooden crate or extra-heavy duty cardboard. 

For unframed canvases or works on paper

  • If the artwork (canvas or paper) is going rolled in a tube (add in extra layers of bubble wrap to provide safety), use a sturdy shipping tube. Seal both sides with enough tape.

  • If they're being flat packed - pack them in between hard sheets of cardboard/ply and tape them on the sides.

  • No padded envelopes from AusPost - they can easily be folded in transit and are not insurable.

Make sure you have taken photos of the packaged artwork as proof of packaging. This is a requirement if the artwork is damaged in transit. Lack of photos might result in unsuccessful claim for insufficient packaging.

Add enough fragile stickers and warnings on the packed work. Read more about how to ship framed artworks.

All artworks shipped by Bluethumb are insured against loss and damage in transit.

If any artwork is damaged in transit, we work with our insurers and take care of all the paperwork. The artists are paid the value of the artwork once the claim is approved.

A few cases which are not covered under insurance - 

  • Glass breakage - Frames with glass are not covered under insurance. Any damage to glass, or to an artwork due to glass breakage isn't covered.

  • Insufficient Packaging - if the artwork wasn't packaged securly enough (i.e. For canvases - double layers of bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box, and for prints/unframed - flat packaging between cardboards or tube (no padded envelopes)). 

To support the claim and help make things easier, please take photos of the packed artwork. This helps the claims quite a bit and almost halve the processing time.

If you're looking for the collectors side of things - here's more info on that.

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