Can I Hand Deliver?

Can I personally hand deliver a work to a collector if they are close to me?

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Certainly! There is an option available to request the hand delivery of an artwork. However, prior approval from a Bluethumb Staff Member is necessary before proceeding.

If you choose to deliver the artwork yourself, the shipping cost will be added back to the total value of the artwork. This adjustment increases the payout you receive to 67% of the total amount paid by the collector for the work (excluding discounts and finance fees).

Once approval for hand delivery is granted, you will be connected with the buyer through the site's Inbox. This allows you to coordinate a mutually convenient date and time for the delivery. It's essential not to show up at the buyer's address without a prearranged date, as this is considered unprofessional. The buyer must approve the hand delivery and be present at the address during the delivery for the completion of the hand delivery form.

If the buyer prefers not to have the work hand-delivered, standard shipping methods will be used.

Completion of the hand delivery form is mandatory for all hand deliveries. This form serves as proof that the artwork was safely delivered to the collector, initiating the seven-day return period for you to receive payment.

To upload a photo of the signed hand delivery form, follow these steps in the "My Orders" section of your Bluethumb account:

  1. Go to "My Orders."

  2. Click the "Shipping Method" button corresponding to the artwork being shipped.

  3. Select "Send Yourself."

  4. Fill out the required information and choose "Hand Delivery" from the courier drop-down menu.

  5. Upload the photo of the signed hand delivery form in the designated "Upload receipt/invoice" section.

  6. Click the "Submit" button once all required fields are filled in.

Remember to mark the order as delivered once you've completed these steps.

If you would like to go with hand delivery please reach out to to request approval and the required form.

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