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How does shipping work with Bluethumb?
How does shipping work with Bluethumb?

What happens when I sell an artwork on Bluethumb? Do I arrange for couriers, or does Bluethumb take care of that?

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What happens when I sell an artwork on Bluethumb?

When you sell an artwork, you'll be notified by email and a text on your registered mobile. You're required to pack the artwork safely by following our guidelines and requirements which can be found here.

Depending on the size of the artwork, your location and accessibility you can choose to either use Bluethumb's couriers or send the artwork via Auspost. Read this article about our updated Freight Policy carefully to understand this better.

How to choose a courier from Bluethumb?

You can request a courier pickup from your 'My Orders' page in your Bluethumb profile. You'll be asked for a date of pickup and dimensions of the packaged artwork. It's very important to measure your packaged artwork accurately and enter this information here as incorrect packaging can cause penalties from the couriers.

Once you've selected a day of pickup, we will book the couriers and send the shipping labels to you a day prior to the pickup. These will need to be printed and put on the packaged artwork - See how to label your artwork for shipment.

We add on the cost of shipment on top of the price you've set - so you don't pay for the couriers. If the artwork is returned, you're still not charged for the return shipment - Bluethumb pays for that for you.

What to keep in mind when packing an artwork to be sent to the client?

  • Check out this video for some basic pointers about packing your work.

  • Make sure the artworks are signed and dated (front or back).

  • If they were marked as 'Ready to Hang', make sure there's a string or a wire at the back so they can be hung straight out of the box.

  • Add in a personal, hand-written, note along with the artwork.

  • A certificate of authenticity has been included. If you have a design template of your own - fantastic. If not, you can use ours (see attached).

  • Lastly, understand your invoice and keep it safely if you're registered for GST.

I've sent my artwork via Auspost - what to do next to get reimbursed?

Fantastic! Take a photo of your receipt from Auspost and head over to your 'My Orders' page.

Click on 'Select shipping method' against the order and choose 'Send via Auspost' at the top. Here you can enter the details as prompted and hit submit. That's it.

This amount and details are added to your order and will be paid along with the payment of the artwork. The tracking details you've entered will also be sent to the buyers so they can keep an eye on this shipment.

What to do next?

This is a great time to bring more attention to your profile.

  • Read through 'How to get my artwork ready for shipping' before handing over your artwork to the couriers.

  • Check that you have more available art on your profile. Just Sold attracts a lot of traffic and artists are very likely to get more attention when they've just sold a piece.

  • Share this news on social media - update your social media pages to link to your Bluethumb profile (here's how). This brings more traffic to your profile on Bluethumb. More traffic, increased interaction with your art, better popularity score for your artworks and more chances of selling soon again - it's a full circle.

  • Take a minute to understand Bluethumb's marketing, and how you can use it to your advantage.

  • If you have a website/portfolio, link from it to your Bluethumb profile so visitors have a way to purchase your work easily. Here are a few Bluethumb artists who're doing it - William Holt, Tony Belobradjic, Meredith Howse. It's simple and easy to implement. Although, if you're not sure, feel free to let me know and I'll assist you with that.

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