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Can I become a self shipping artist?
Can I become a self shipping artist?

Are artists able to manage their own freight

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We acknowledge that some artists prefer to handle their own shipping, and we are happy to assist with this. To qualify as a self-shipper, artists must demonstrate a track record of successfully completed sales, a clear understanding of the requirements, and regular updates on all relevant events. Below are crucial details for artists considering managing their own shipping:

Responsibilities of Self Shippers:

  1. Have a history of at least 8-10 successful orders with Bluethumb.

  2. Booking their own couriers, as the Bluethumb Booking Service is no longer available.

  3. Cover all associated shipping costs independently.

  4. Ensure insurance coverage for all artwork in transit, as Bluethumb does not assume liability for loss or damage and will not compensate the artist.

  5. Address any shipment issues or buyer assistance requests directly with their chosen shipping providers.

  6. Promptly update orders with tracking information and provide accurate and correct details.

  7. The change applies to all orders once switched over.

Responsibilities of Bluethumb:

  1. Pay the artist 67% of the final sale price (after discount/finance fees).

  2. Not allocate shipping costs at the time of listing, requiring artists to factor this into their pricing.

  3. Forward tracking information to the buyer.

  4. Handle return shipping costs for buyer-initiated returns only.

  5. Manage international sales, including booking and coordination. Any additional international shipping fees exceeding the shipping allocation may be shared with the artist but will be communicated and discussed with the artist beforehand.

If artists agree with the outlined responsibilities and wish to be considered for self-shipper status, please email to express your request. They will be in touch to confirm you understand the requirements, and if successful the process to follow to implement the change. Note that the review process may take 3-5 days, and during this time, all orders will continue to follow the current shipping process. We will respond as promptly as possible.

Please note we can only switch accounts once every 6 months (due to the complexities associated).

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