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Framing common questions! How long it takes, the framing process, and more.
Framing common questions! How long it takes, the framing process, and more.

The most common questions about our hand-made Tassie oak frames, how it affects your order, the process and more.

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Are you an artist? View the top artist framing questions in a separate article.

Bluethumb has teamed up with some of Australia's most established framing partners to provide you with a VIP framing service (and professional hanging service). Our frames are custom-made Tasmanian oak and hand-made to order and hand-delivered by our framing partners.


What's the process of framing?

When you place an order on Bluethumb and select stretching/framing:

  • We organise the artwork to be sent from the artist to our framing partners.

  • You'll receive updates once the artwork has been shipped, a delivered notification once the artwork has reached the framers, and when it has been framed.

  • Once it's framed and ready for dispatch, depending on your location either our framers will contact you directly to arrange a personal delivery, or we'll have it booked with our insured couriers for delivery to you. You will receive tracking details so you can keep an eye on the journey.

What kind of frames are used?

Artworks on canvas, linen and wood (or wooden panels) are framed in floating external frames.

Artworks on paper (such as watercolour artworks, prints and photographs) are framed behind perspex as standard, in a choice of your frame colour. See this lovely Uruna Tjina (James Range, NT) 155-17 from Hubert Pareroultja, framed in white.

We use gallery standard oak frames, and the frames are hand made and customised for your order.

What do you mean by 'custom and hand-made' frames?

Glad you asked! Our framing partners craft the frames for your artworks from scratch using high quality Australian timber.

When you place an order, we ship the artwork to them and the frames are made to fit your artwork perfectly.

What's the final size of the artwork after framing?

Artworks on paper

Frames for artworks on paper include a 5cm matt border when the artworks are framed. The final size of the artwork is increased by roughly 7-8cm on each side of the artwork.

For example, if before framing, the artwork was 40cm (W) x 50cm (H), with the frame, the size will be 54cm (W) x 64cm (H).

Artworks on canvas

Floating external frames for artworks on canvas add roughly 3-4 cm on each side. The frame is approximately 1cm and there is an approximate 0.5cm gap between the frame and the canvas to give the shadow line effect.

For example, if before framing, the artwork was 40cm (W) x 50cm (H), with the frame, the size will be 43cm (W) x 53cm (H).
The depth of the finished frame will be 5.5cm.

How heavy are the frames?

Weight of the frame (and the artwork) depends on the artwork and size.

For works on paper under 70cm (height or width), the frames add on roughly 1-2kg (when framed with glass). For larger works, we use clear perspex as a glass alternative. It's light and durable. If you'd like to know the exact weight, just let us know the artwork you're looking at and we can estimate the framed weight.

How much matte (white border) is added to frames?

We add 5-7cm white matte depending on the artwork.

What kind of glass is used in the frames?

Clear Glass: For all standard size artworks (under 1m wide), we use clear glass (2mm thick standard framing glass). This is the most cost effective framing option.

Clear Perspex: For larger artworks, we use clear perspex (2mm/3mm thick acrylic plexi-glass). It's light, durable and non-fragile, and highly recommended for larger works.

If you prefer Perspex over glass for your smaller frames, please let us know after you've placed the order. No additional charge.

UV/Non-reflective Glass: 2mm thick, matte finished, glass that reduces glare and reflections. It's more expensive than standard glass and clear perspex.

If you wish to use Non-reflective or UV glass, please let us know and we can provide a quote for you before the purchase.

When should I use glass vs clear perspex vs non-reflective glass?

Glass: For most indoor frames, clear glass is the clear winner. It's the most cost-effective option when it comes to framing.

Clear perspex: If the artwork in question is extra-large (over 1m), we use clear perspex as it's light and non-fragile. If you want perspex to be used for your frame, simply let us know after you've placed the order and we'll update your order.

Non-reflective glass: If you wish to hang the framed art in a well lit (not direct sunlight), opt for non-reflective glass. Non-reflective glass has a matte finish and reduces glare and direct reflection. Non-reflective glass is more expensive and we'll need to provide a separate quote for you.

UV Glass: If the framed art will have prolonged (more then 3-4 hours) of direct sunlight exposure, choose UV clear glass. It provides 99% UV resistance to protect the artwork from fading even when it's in direct sunlight. UV glass is more expensive than standard glass. Please let reach out to us and we can provide a quick quote before you place your order.

What kind of hanging system will the frames have at the back?

Frames have hooks and a string at the back, positioned for secure hanging of the frame.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Depending on your location and the nature of framing, it can be somewhere between 7 to 15 working days before the artwork reaches you.

If you and the artist are in the same state, this process will be quicker.

If the artwork is coming from a different state, it may be a little longer (still within 15 working days).

We will of course keep you informed throughout the journey.

Can I organise a time / day for delivery once framing is complete?

Yes, you certainly can.

For metro areas, once the artwork is framed, one of the team will be in touch to organise a time/day for delivery. Should you need to update us on any changes, simply email with your order details.

For non-metro delivery, we'll use insured couriers to have your lovely framed artwork delivered to you pronto, and keep you posted with tracking updates along the way.

**NOTE** Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we may not be able to hand deliver some orders. In this case, artworks will be sent via insured couriers and tracking updates will be provided when booked. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we can assist you.

Can I request an express/priority delivery?

You certainly can! Please reach out to us at before or after your purchase and we'll expedite the process of framing and use express shipping to have your work delivered.

If you're in Melbourne or Sydney (metro region), you can also walk-in and collect your framed work from our framing partners.

I received my framed art damaged. What should I do now?

Our framing partners take great care to package the framed art well and securely. If an artwork is still delivered with damage, we have it covered it in full.

We insure the artwork and the framing cost during transit. If it's delivered damaged, just let us know within 7 days of receiving it (email or call 1800 122 486) and we'll either replace the frame or return the artwork and refund you in full (your choice).

Can I return a framed artwork?

Yes, absolutely!

There are no changes to our returns policy if an artwork has been framed prior to reaching you.

We trust in our artists' and our framing partners' quality of work. If you receive an artwork and you're not happy with either the artwork or the framing, just email or call us (1800 122 486 - press 1) within 7 days of receiving it. We'll organise the artwork's return back to the artists. You can opt for a full refund (including the cost of the frame) or store credit.

You can read more about our returns policy here.

Is the frame cost refundable if I return the artwork?

Yes, 100%!

If you're not happy with the artwork or the framing, simply let us know within 7 days of delivery. We'll send it back to the artist and refund you in full for the artwork and the framing. We pay for the return freight.

Can I still see the signature and print editions after framing at the front?

Yes, certainly. Our framing partners take great care to preserve all aspects of your artwork including the signature, dates, edition numbers etc.

Can I visit the framer's stores and collect my artworks?

Yes, certainly!

If you're based in Melbourne or Sydney (metro regions), you can walk-in and collect your framed art from our framing partners. Simply reach out to us at and we can put you in touch with the local framing team.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 1800 122 486 during working hours or reach out to at any time of the day.

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