Great news! Bluethumb has signed on a brilliant framing partner across Australia to offer a VIP framing service. They also streamline delivery in metro areas.

The Framing Process

We've kept it simple. For you, and the collector. This means we'll all save lots of time when buyers want a frame.

[Step 1]. Buyers select a frame online when shopping on Bluethumb (oak, black, or white). It's quoted online and they checkout with the frame. Your sale notification email tells you all you need to know. Sweet!

[Step 2] Artwork shipment is to the closest framer. So if you're sending via Auspost it's to the framer & we'll let you know the address. Or if we're doing freight, nothing really changes.

[Step 3] Well your job is already done because you've packed the art as usual. But, just so you know: The framer fits a quality external frame, then delivers your artwork to the customer. They have framing shops all over Australia, and Mercedes vans to personally deliver the art. They even offer a hanging service. That's it.

Overall we expect this to be a great experience all round. Heaps of time gets saved for artists and collectors (quoting & shipping to and from framers). The delivery process is more personalised too.




What happens when a collector buys my artwork and wants framing done?

If the collector has chosen to frame your work, there will be a note in the email you receive from Bluethumb notifying you of the sale.

If you're sending the artwork yourself or via Australia Post, please get in touch with team Bluethumb (by simply replying to the 'Your artwork has been sold' email) to check for the correct address to send the painting to - as this will differ based on where the collectors are based.

If you're sending via Auspost, you'll be reimbursed as per our normal freight policy.

If you're choosing Bluethumb's couriers, you have to do nothing different. Simply book a courier as you normally do and we'll book it to go to the right framing partner.

What type of artworks are included in Bluethumb framing?

Bluethumb now offers framing for works on canvas and paper which covers almost all media (including photographs, prints (handprints and machine prints), watercolour, drawings, etchings and more).

If an artwork is currently on un-stretched canvas, collectors can choose to get it stretched, or stretched + framed as well (fully handled by Bluethumb).

If it's on paper, they can choose between white, black and natural frames (with matte).

How does this affect me as an artist?

Well there's virtually no change. You as an artist are not affected with any costs or risks involved with framing at all as Bluethumb covers all the risks for you.

Returns - Bluethumb will still allow the clients to return an artwork once it's delivered to them after framing as we do now. If this happens, Bluethumb will arrange for your artwork to be returned to you safe and sound, now beautifully framed and it will be made available for purchase on Bluethumb. It will be listed as 'Framed' with the cost of framing included in the cost of the artwork itself. When it sells again, you'll be paid as per the normal price of the artwork and we'll pay the framing cost to the framers.

Payments - Payments to the artists will be 7 days after the artwork has been delivered to the collector. We expect framing to take between 3-5 working days in most cases. Since they deliver personally the total time is very similar.

What if my artwork is already framed?

If your artwork is listed as framed on Bluethumb, the framing options will not be visible on your listings. So make sure you 'Yes' in this section when you're uploading an artwork and include a photo of the frame to make it abundantly clear.

What if I prefer to do my own framing?

In this case, please list your work as already framed and include the cost of framing in the cost of the artwork itself. As mentioned above, when you list your work as framed, no further framing options will be shown.

Will Bluethumb be framing works on paper and other media soon (including prints)?

We've started offering this from mid-June 2021.

How does Bluethumb determine cost of framing?

Cost of framing is quoted from the framers based on a formula involving the size and location of the artworks.

Who pays for shipping from the framers to the collectors and returns (if they happen)?

Bluethumb covers cost of shipping from framers to the collectors (if they need to be shipped). We try to get the artworks framed locally to the collectors so our framing partner can personally deliver the framed painting by scheduling a time that suits them. They also offer a hanging service where they can professionally and beautifully hang the work for them. This is really handy for larger works.

Returns - Bluethumb covers cost of returns as we always have. This shows our trust in our partners, that's you and the framers. We trust in the quality of your work and the framing work from our partners and know that there will be next to no returns. When there are any, we cover that cost to give the collectors the confidence to try and buy and cover you, the artist, from any unforeseen expenses or losses.

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