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Are there any fees associated with joining?
Are there any fees associated with joining?

Are their any costs associated to listing or selling works with Bluethumb?

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Joining Bluethumb is completely free of charge. As an artist, you can easily create a profile, upload your artwork, and list it for sale without any upfront costs.

However, there are fees associated with the sale of artwork:

  1. Commission Fee: Bluethumb charges a commission fee on all sales. For most artists, this rate is 33% of the artwork's value (30% to Bluethumb and 3% GST).

  2. Shipping Allocation Fee: Bluethumb includes a shipping allocation fee on every listing to cover shipping costs.

    When listing a work, it's important to review the "Your Payout" amount under the Artwork Price section. This is the amount you will receive for the sale of the work, excluding any discount or finance fees that may apply. Screen shot below highlighting this:

Additional fees that could apply include:

  • Discounts: Buyers may receive promotions offering a percentage off an artwork. Bluethumb offers discounts of up to 15% per artwork, as per the Bluethumb Membership Agreement. Any discounts exceeding this amount will be discussed directly with the artist before purchase. Discounts reduce the overall cost of the artwork, with the split between Bluethumb and the artist following the commission split (67/33%), thus affecting the artwork payout amount to the artist.

  • Finance Fees: These fees are associated with payment methods such as Afterpay and ArtMoney. For detailed information on these fees and their impact, please refer to "Do payment plans have fees to the artist?" in our FAQ section.

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