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Do payment plans have fees to the artist?
Do payment plans have fees to the artist?

Payment plans > what happens when a sale is made

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Simply put, yes, some (not all) payment options on site do have ‘Finance Fees’ associated that are split between Bluethumb and the artist. These fees are generally a % charge on the total sale value the buyer pays for the work, and are automatically accounted for in the invoice we send you at the time of sale.

Here's which plans have fees, how they are calculated and how they affects an artist's payment (with an example for clarity).

Example artwork price - $2000 (shipping $100 included)

Afterpay - Afterpay charges 5% to the seller per order. Similar to ArtMoney this fee is split between Bluethumb and the Artist relative to the commission split. Artworks are shipped immediately and payments are made after the 7 Day Free Returns period has passed.

There's no delay in payment to the artist.

Here's how the payment breakdown works in this case -

Total artwork value - $2000
Shipping - $100
Afterpay/Zip commission - $100
BT's commission (30%+GST of $1800) = $594
Artist's payout - $1,206.

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