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Bluethumb VIP Listing FAQ, Terms & Conditions
Bluethumb VIP Listing FAQ, Terms & Conditions
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What is a VIP Listing?

VIP Listings are when an artist elects to sell their artwork solely through Bluethumb for 60 days. This is a free opt-in feature, packed with perks!

What are the advantages of Bluethumb's VIP Listings?

VIP perks include:

  • A higher probability of selling your artwork, faster as a feature of the Pro Plan.

  • VIP Listings will be shown on a dedicated ‘New Exclusives’ page, promoted on the Bluethumb homepage. This additional section for collectors to browse means higher onsite visibility for your art.

  • VIP Listings will gain additional external marketing, with ad campaigns promoting Bluethumb VIP Listings.

In short, listing your art solely with Bluethumb means more eyes on your work, what's not to love about that? 🤩

Can I still promote VIP Listings on my personal website and social media?

Yes! We encourage you to promote your VIP Listings, as you would any other. However, your promotions must link to the VIP Listing on Bluethumb's website.

How do I create a VIP Listing?

Simply tick the “VIP listing” check box when you upload artwork. You will also be able to make existing artwork a VIP listing.

Can I edit a VIP Listing?

Yes, you can edit a VIP Listing's specifications, copy and images post-publish. However, once live you cannot disable ‘exclusivity’.

Can I mark a VIP Listing as 'sold'?

While you can mark a VIP Listing as sold, you must enter a valid reason and the Bluethumb team will be in touch.

Will listing my work as a VIP Listing guarantee views?

Bluethumb invests in marketing campaigns directing potential collectors to this specific page, meaning VIP Listings have the chance of being seen by even more collectors.

We recommend using all the tools in Bluethumb Pro to increase your exposure, to help increase views, followers and likes of your VIP listed artworks.

VIP Listing Terms & Conditions

  1. VIP Listings can only be listed for sale on Bluethumb during the exclusivity period. This means they cannot be listed on other sellers' websites including your own website(s).

    1. Once the VIP listing is published, the exclusivity period commences and runs for 60 days, the artwork must remain listed as VIP for the full 60 days and cannot be removed during the exclusivity period.

  2. VIP Listings cannot be sold through any other avenues (including personal socials, galleries etc.) during the exclusivity period.

  3. While Bluethumb VIP Listings can be promoted on artists’ social media and personal websites, all promotional activity must direct sales to the artwork listing on Bluethumb.

  4. All listed VIP artworks are subjected to pre-approval by the Bluethumb team.

  5. Breech of the T&C's may lead to artwork removal or in worse cases account deactivation.

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