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Bluethumb Pro Plan Overview & FAQs
Bluethumb Pro Plan Overview & FAQs

Find answers to common questions and instructional videos on how to use Bluethumb Pro features.

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What is Bluethumb Pro?

Are you ready to take your art career to the next level? Designed as a business tool for artists, Bluethumb Pro is a subscription profile that gives artists access to a suite of unique features.

Personalise and enhance your artist experience with a Bluethumb Pro subscription. Because let’s be honest, an optimised business practice enables you to concentrate on creating great art!

Get the most from your Bluethumb account

It’s important to note that just subscribing to Bluethumb Pro won’t guarantee you more followers, likes or sales, Artists need to utilise all of the tools available, which when used correctly, will help with overall views, impressions, and ultimately sales.

What features are included in Bluethumb Pro?

Can I trial Bluethumb Pro?

Sure can! Bluethumb Pro is available to try free of charge for 15 days. Simply click on the link below to upgrade your profile and see what all the fuss is about.

Note: artists are only entitled to one FREE 15-day trial.

After the 15-day free trial period, the payment method you provided will be charged $29 per month (unless you cancel prior to the end of the free trial period). Alternatively, upgrade to an annual plan and receive 2 months free!

How much does Bluethumb Pro cost?

We offer a monthly or annual subscription – get 2 months free when you pay for 12 months upfront. You will be able to select your preferred subscription when upgrading to Bluethumb Pro.

  • $29 charged monthly

  • $290 charged annually ($24.17 per month)

How do I upgrade to Bluethumb Pro?

To upgrade to Bluethumb Pro, simply click on the button below or follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Bluethumb artist account

  2. Go to the billing page

  3. Enter your card details to start your free 15-day trial

  4. Congrats 🎉 You're ready to explore the Pro features!

What is your refund and change of mind policy?

Change your mind after choosing a profile? No worries. You can upgrade or cancel your month-to-month subscription anytime. No refunds.

How do I cancel my subscription to Bluethumb Pro?

You can easily cancel your subscription by heading to the billing section on your artist dashboard. Cancel before the start of a new month or your trial end and you won't be charged for the following month.

Can I still upload and sell on Bluethumb without a Bluethumb Pro profile?

Yes, absolutely. You can sign up and start selling your art for FREE now. All artists remain eligible for curations, marketing and promotions.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Auto-Schedule Artwork Publishing

Waiting for the perfect time to post? Publish your latest masterpiece ahead of time with this scheduling feature.

How to post an artwork ahead of time:

  1. Head to Upload Art.

  2. Follow the uploading instructions and prompts as usual.

  3. Once your upload is ready to go - hit "Publish Later."

  4. Set the date and time you wish to post.

Pro-tip: Drip-feed your posts rather than posting all at once to get more eyes on your artwork. This will help increase the exposure of your artworks and profile to collectors.

Ready to schedule future listings? Click here to view an instruction video and FAQs.

Bluethumb Pro feature - VIP listings

Do you sell your work exclusively on Bluethumb? Or are you open to selling works on Bluethumb exclusively for 60 days? If so you should be using VIP listing. By using the VIP listing option your work will show on our dedicated New Exclusives listing page, you will be shown on the home page New Exclusives carousel, these works are more likely to be used for off site marketing, curations and advertisement.

To make a work a VIP listing, ensure you tick the tick box on the section shown below.

Please note by checking this box you agree to the T&C's of use of this feature, please ensure you fully understand these before agreeing.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Artist Series Personal Curations

Organise your portfolio based on the theme, style, the year you created it, or whatever your heart desires! This Artist Series feature allows you to curate your artwork into collections, making it easier for buyers to navigate your profile.

Artist Series are displayed on your artist profile and can be shared as a unique weblink to your followers.

Pro-tip: Ordering your artworks makes it easier for collectors to make a decision, and can help increase conversion rates.

Want to create an Artist Series? Click here to learn how and read related FAQs.

Bluethumb Pro feature: In The Studio

Connect with your collectors by posting microblogs. This is a great tool to help potential collectors establish an initial connection with you and your artworks.

Publish a personal artist blog:

  1. Head to your artist profile.

  2. Click on In The Studio in the top right corner of your screen.

  3. Add an image and copy.

  4. Publish.

  5. Find your content on the In the Studio tab of your profile.

Pro-tip: Use this space to give your collectors an insight into your inner workings. So, show off your studio, WIP or share your creative process.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Profile Carousel Image Gallery

Make your profile pop with the addition of a carousel image gallery! This feature is a great way to present your strongest works in a much larger, eye-catching format.

Add a carousel gallery to your profile:

  1. Use the search bar to find the available artwork you wish to feature.

  2. Hit 'Add' on the image to add it to your carousel.

  3. Repeat for all five artworks you wish to select.

To View:

  1. Head to your Artworks tab

  2. Click on Profile Gallery (below available artworks)

Pro-tip: Present your best works in a larger format, increasing the chances of collectors being captivated by your work, and the likelihood of them exploring more of the artworks on your profile.

Please note: You need a minimum of 5 artworks to use this feature.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Create Custom Discounts

Convert followers into buyers by creating and applying custom discount codes to your art. Unique links to your discounts can be found in your Promote Tools, allowing you to easily share them with your followers.

Your personal discount codes will apply to all of your listed artworks and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Pro-tip: We recommend sharing the discount codes on your social media accounts when promoting your artworks, or using them with a specific collector if negotiating price.

Ready to create personalised discount codes? Click here to learn how and read related FAQs.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Print On Demand

Coming soon... 👀

We’re in our final stages of testing before Print on Demand goes live. When live, artists will be able to upload professionally scanned files of artworks they would like to have as a print on demand option.

This tool will make it easier for Artists to concentrate on creating, while the admin associated with the print on demand service will be automated by Bluethumb. More on this in the coming weeks.

Bluethumb Pro feature: Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, you can see individual artwork's Impressions, Views, and Favourites, Add To Carts and Share stats. We're really excited to offer this deeper layer of analysis to our artists!

Click on the video below or follow the instructions to discover how your artwork is tracking!

  1. Head to your Artist Dashboard

  2. Scroll Down

  3. Find the Artwork Tracker report on the bottom left of your dash, below your Recognition report table.

Pro-tip: See which of your works are most popular with your collectors, and tailor works to what to what's most popular.

Need a refresher on what these stats mean? Just click here

Suggestions or feedback?

If you have any questions or concerns, please share your feedback through the form below. Your feedback will help us make The Home of Australian Artists better than ever.

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