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What does Ready To Hang mean?
What does Ready To Hang mean?

What's the difference between Requires Framing, Ready To Hang and Framed?

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With the launch of Bluethumb's cost effective custom framing service, your artwork can be professionally framed in Tasmanian oak prior to arriving at your doorstop.

When browsing artworks listed on Bluethumb, you will see they generally fall into one of 3x categories:

Unstretched / requires framing

  • The canvas or paper will arrive rolled in a tube (which is a perfectly safe way to transport)

  • To make your artwork wall-ready, it will need to be stretched or framed

Ready To Hang

  • In most cases, this refers to the artwork's canvas being stretched over a simple timber frame

  • This style is often referred to as a 'stretched canvas'

  • The artwork my not necessarily have a wire or hooks already attached, but these can be easily added.

  • Some people may prefer to leave their artwork simply stretched (e.g. vibrant Aboriginal works often look best as a stretched canvas)

  • An external frame can be added in addition, to complement the artwork and offer a greater level of protection


  • Another variation of Ready To Hang

  • The artwork will be bordered with a traditional, usually wooden, frame of varying colours and textures

  • The artist will note the frame style within the artwork's written description, plus post photos of the frame detail

  • Frame will include hanging fixtures (hooks and wires)

  • Bluethumb offers an easy pre-delivery framing service, or find a reputable local framer to create a custom frame to match your artwork and taste


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