Here's a quick guide on how to update the status of your sold artwork from 'Shipped' to 'Delivered'.

So far, the Bluethumb team has been manually checking each order and marking them as delivered. We've recently built the feature in so artists can update this status themselves, and it's cross-checked and approved by team Bluethumb.

Keep in mind that you'll only see the option to mark something as 'Delivered' if it's marked as shipped. Follow the steps in this article to do that. This applies when you've sent something via Auspost or hand delivered something personally (or if the buyer has picked it up from you directly).

Step 1: Go to 'My Orders'

Step 2: Next to the relevant order, you will see the option to choose a date and the button 'Mark Delivered'.

Step 3: Select the date the order was delivered and click 'Mark Delivered'

This will notify team Bluethumb. We will review and confirm this shortly and you'll recieve a confirmation email shortly.

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