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How do I mark a work as delivered?
How do I mark a work as delivered?

This article explains how to mark an order's status as 'Delivered'

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With the new booking process we also implemented a new tracking process, so you will no longer need to manually mark work as delivered with us. Our tracking system should do this for you.

However if you still want to updated delivery details against an order the options is still there for you via the old order form click here to access the page here

A few things to note:

  • Once a delivery date is entered it can not be amended so please ensure its accurate.

  • Artwork is only deemed delivered when it is in the hands of the buyer. So if the work is left at a Post Office or delivered to the Framers they can not be marked as delivered.

  • You will only be able to enter a delivery date once the work has been shipped and this information has been provided to us.

  • If you want to hand deliver please see Can I Hand Deliver? FAQ on the requirements and process.

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