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The Different Bluethumb Artist Profiles
The Different Bluethumb Artist Profiles

Here you will find an overview of the different artist profiles on Bluethumb.

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What are the different artist profiles on Bluethumb?

Basic Profile

This free profile enables you to upload and sell artwork on Bluethumb. Although this is the most simple profile, you have access to view analytics and harness promotional tools. This profile is ideal for artists that are just starting out selling art online.

Bluethumb Pro Artist Profile

Designed as a business tool for artists that are looking to advance their art career to the next level. This paid artist profile gives artists access to a suite of unique features that enhance their artist experience. Click here to learn more about Bluethumb Pro.

Artist Categories Explained:

Featured Artist

Featured Artists are those who consistently stand out for posting interesting, high-quality work. Want to be featured? Click here to learn how.

Rising Star

Artists who are having a surge in popularity and sales. Click here to learn more.

Established Seller

Artists who have established themselves as Bluethumb’s best sellers. Click here to learn more.


Highly renowned emerging and established Australian artists. Click here to learn more.

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