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How do I become a Featured artist?
How do I become a Featured artist?

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Featured artists are chosen at the discretion of our highly-qualified curators who look for artists who consistently stand out for producing interesting and high-quality work. 

The list of Featured artists onsite is regularly updated and rotated based on skill, popularity, uniqueness, sales and trends. 

A couple of tips if you're hoping to become a Featured artist:

  • Make sure your images are high quality, cropped at the edges of the artwork (no tables or spaces) and taken in good lighting (daylight out of direct sunshine is the best).

  • Showcase your unique style so your profile is a cohesive body of work.

  • Promote yourself on social (tagging bluethumb) and improve your views and favourites. If our curators notice you're popular, they're more likely to feature you. 

Be sure to keep up-to-date with all of the latest tips and news for artists on the Bluethumb blog here.

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