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How to search for artworks online on Bluethumb?
How to search for artworks online on Bluethumb?

How to narrow your search to buy art online on Bluethumb?

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We have updated how the search filters look and behave to make finding that perfect artwork a bit easier.

The new filters have been introduced as a side bar and are more visible, and easier to use. Here's a small working example and a couple of new refinement tools - 

After a (very) specific size of artwork? We've got you covered!

You can now enter a specific range of width and height to refine your search of artworks. You still have access to the older brackets of Extra Large, Large, Medium and Small sizes and you can also enter custom size range. Here's how the new filters look. See the video below to see them in action.

Trying to find an artwork under a specific budget? We got you covered!

We've also introduced custom price fields so you can find the perfect piece - in your budget. Combined with location and size filters - finding the perfect piece is much easier now. The older brackets are still available to use.

Each section is collapsible

If you're not using a particular section, you can close it for ease - just click on the '<' and you can keep it clean.

Only want to see your favourite artist? That's right, we got you covered!

Use the Display filter to either only see Available, Ready to Hang or Artworks from your Favourite Artists

When you check My Favourites , you'll only see works from artists you follow and artworks you've favourited from.

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