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Can I get a custom piece made?
Can I get a custom piece made?

The artwork you love is sold? Here's how to commission an artist for a custom piece work on Bluethumb.

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Found an artwork you want to but it’s sold or the wrong size? Don’t worry, you now have the perfect starting point. From here, commissioning art is easy with Bluethumb. 

First step - Enquire

Click on 'Ask a question' or 'Commission an Artwork' button on the page of the artwork you like. Fill in the details in this form. It has the key info needed for a commission and means you’ll get a response from your chosen artist hasta pronto. 

Quote & Pricing

The artist will be in touch directly with a quote, and time to create. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve found an artwork and would like something the same size, the price of a commissioned painting will be the same (or very similar). The quote you receive will be for an artwork that is delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia. 

Getting started 

Once you’re happy with the quote, and artwork to be created it’s time to kick start your masterpiece. A 30% deposit is paid to the artist to commence (read steps in detail here). You do it by buying a Gift Voucher here

Completing the purchase

Once the artwork is near completion the artist will share photos for your approval. You can submit one round of changes, suggestions or tweaks if necessary. Then, when you’re happy with the artwork it will be available for you to purchase on Bluethumb. You use your deposit gift voucher code on checkout so you only have to pay the 70% balance. After that, we carefully deliver the artwork to your home or office. 


The 7-day return policy still stands. The 30% deposit is non-refundable and if you choose to return the piece, we ship the artwork back to the artist and refund 70% of the amount to you. The 30% goes to the artist in full to cover their material costs.


So there you have it, pretty simple really. You can take comfort in the fact we have successfully completed thousands of commission artworks for happy collectors over the years. And if you do have any more questions, please email us on; [email protected] or call 1800 122 486 (press 1 to talk to Sales team).

Thank you!

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