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I don't understand my Artist Dashboard or how to use it?
I don't understand my Artist Dashboard or how to use it?

Artist dashboard > getting the most out of Bluethumb artist tools (impressions, recognition etc.)

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Designed and tested with input from Bluethumb artists, your dashboard provides insights and intelligence into what works are performing well with potential buyers. We know how vital it is to be able to monitor the performance of your Bluethumb artworks.

Please note this FAQ is a basic overview of the features available to all artists. For Pro Plan specific features please see the FAQ Bluethumb Pro Plan Overview & FAQs

1) Summary figures

These are the blue boxes along the top of your dashboard, and show a snapshot of key metrics at a glance. These summaries change to reflect real time events - e.g. if you have five new followers, but two people 'unfollow' you, the total will show as 3 followers.

They also show the totals here, so from the time you signed up with us t the present day, these metrics show you your entire Bluethumb history with us.

  • Total sales - a total of your Bluethumb sales. 

  • Sold artwork - number of artworks you've sold on Bluethumb (excluding those marked as sold by you).

  • Followers - the number of site visitors who are following your profile and will be emailed when you upload a new artwork (depending on their mail settings; remember, regular uploads help to get the most out of this feature).

  • Available art - total number of artwork available for sale. NOTE this includes art that is marked unavailable for a select period of time, but does not include draft uploads.

  • Total value - the total value of all your available art listed for sale on Bluethumb.

2) Traffic Graph

View how often your artworks have appeared across all of Bluethumb, how collectors have seen and engaged with your artworks across a number of time periods, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

These numbers are reflected as a total and we do not count you (the artist) viewing your own pages.

To summarise the three metrics which feed into this visualisation:

  • Artwork view - counts each time a collector clicks through to view one of your artworks (Green line and info)

  • Profile view - counts each time a collector clicks through to your artist profile page (pink line and info)

  • Impressions -  counts each time a collector sees one of your artworks anywhere on Bluethumb outside of your profile page (which as above, is counted as a Profile view). This could be the new art page, featured artist page, a curation. Or perhaps you'll see a big spike after being featured on the homepage (blue line and info)

You are shown the information for a desired time frame, you set the time frame from the top right corner of the box. Clicking the desired time frame will show you the corresponding stats for that date frame. Time frames are:

  • 1W - 1 Week

  • 2W - 2 weeks

  • 1M - 1 Month

  • 3M - 3 Months

  • 1Y - 1 year

To read the graph the dates are across the bottom setting the time frame, the right axis is the count for Artwork and Profile views (Green and Pink info), the left axis is the count for impressions (Blue info).

You can also hover over one of the circles to get a snapshot of all three stats for that date.

The maximum date frames we can show here are 1 year, this will be the last 12 months of info from the date you are viewing the information.

3) Recognition Graph

Track your fan and follower behaviour. Follow the Bluethumb blog artist tips to monitor changes in activity.

Same as the traffic visualisation, this can be filtered by daily, weekly and monthly time periods (from the options in the top right corner). Again, your own activity will not be counted to these stats.

These numbers are also reflected as a total of new recognitions only, removals and unfollows are not removed e.g. if you have five new followers, but two people 'unfollow' you, the total will remain as 5x followers.

To summarise the four metrics which feed into this visualisation:

  • Favourites - counts each time one of your artworks has been added to a collector's saved favourites lists (when they clicking on the blue heart icon) (This is the Blue info)

  • Followers - counts each time a collector clicks on the follow button on your profile page (this is the Pink Info)

  • Shares - counts each time a collector has shared one of your artworks using either the little round Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email icon that sits beneath the main image on each individual artwork page (this is the Green Info)

  • Add to cart - counts each time a collector has clicked the Add To Cart button on your artwork page. This indicates keen interest from a collector, and is often a precursor to a sale. Our sales team monitors this signal particularly closely! (this is the Yellow Info).

To read the graph the dates are across the bottom, and the left axis has the count for all values.

4) Shipping Badge

This feature is a guide on how quickly you are shipping works from the sale date. Quicker shipment means quicker delivery, which in turn means happier buyers and a smoother order process.

To reach Express Shipping stats you must send all orders within 72 hours of the order being placed and have a returns rate of 10% or lower.

This feature current is just a guide and is not shown publicly to buyers.

5) Profile Status

Useful for new artists to site this tracker shows you how many works you have uploaded to site. We recommend uploading 5 artworks when you open your account as a minimum so that you have a selection of examples of your work available for buyers to view.

6) Artwork Tracker

A handy reference to monitor your upload and sold activity on a monthly basis in a quick graph.

To summarise the two metrics which feed into this tracker:

  • New uploads - number of artworks uploaded within the last six months (Grey Info)

  • Sold artworks - artworks sold through Bluethumb during the last six months (Blue Info)

This graph is set to show you the overview for the current year (starting from 1st January).

7) Artworks

The feature at the bottom is part of the Pro Plan, if gives you more detailed insights into Impressions, Views, Favourite, Shares and Add to Carts at a artwork level. To access this feature you will need to subscribe to the Pro Plan.

8) Dashboard FAQs

How long do the states take to update?

The stats are updated every 4-6 hours.

What does a flat line mean?
Data was not being collected at this time. It could be due to an IT issue, please note if it is our IT teams do look into every drop and endeavour to get the information pulled through for you. They are actively monitoring this and addressing issues proactively.

My stats were different today from yesterday, what's happened?
Depending on which section you are looking at, there could be a few reasons.

For the Traffic & Recognition Graph's check the date frame you are looking at. It could be we clicked into a new week, month or year and the data from the previous time frame is no longer shown.

The stats update every 4-6 hours so if you are looking at the data within this window it still may look the same.

The Summary Figures don't match the Recognition Graph?

The Summary Figures are a total for all time stats on your account. They show the rolling amount, so account for adds and subtractions (e.g. if someone unfollows you the followers number will reduce).

While the Recognition Graph looks at set time frames, the max time frame you can look at is the last 12 months. Any stats older than 12 months will not be shown. Also the recognition graph only shows add's, it does not show subtractions (e.g. someone unfollows you or removes an artwork from their cart).

What does it mean when someone adds me to their cart, but doesn’t transact?
Someone adding your artwork to their cart is a good thing! They have expressed interest in the artwork. Some users will do this to create a shortlist and some will take several days to decide on an artwork, so look at it as encouraging. Bluethumb sends these users a reminder that your artwork is sitting in their cart and we retain it for their next visit. 

We will send you a sale notification email and text when the buyer does fully checkout.

How do I get more visibility?
You may want to check out our Pro Plan, this is a paid subscription plan that offer artists more tools and visibility opportunities on site. Head to our FAQ Bluethumb Pro Plan Overview & FAQs for more info.

How about prints? How are they tracked?
For those artists selling limited edition prints, it's important to note your dashboard tracks each artwork upload only. For example, if you have uploaded three artworks - two being one-off originals, and one available in a limited edition run of 50 prints - the dashboard will track behaviour and totals for three artworks only. We may look to change this in the future should there be more demand from artists for this feature.

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