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What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?
What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

Are the artworks insured in transit? What are my options as a collector if my artwork is delivered damaged?

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We insure all artworks being shipped by Bluethumb against any loss or damage.

If you've received an artwork with damage, please let us know within the 7 day returns period by sending us an email to with the following information:

  • Order Number

  • Detailed description of issue

  • Photos of the damage to the artwork.

  • Photos of any packaging used to wrap the artwork for transit (bubblewrap etc).

  • Photos of the box it arrived in.

  • Photos of the box with the shipping label clearly visible.

You can either ask for a full refund, ask the artist to do a similar piece or choose any other work on Bluethumb as a replacement (we can credit the full value of the artwork to your Bluethumb account).

Please note if damage is reported outside of the returns period (you open the work after the returns period has expired) we may be limited in what we can do to assist. So please ensure you are opening and checking all works as soon as they are delivered.

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