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What happens with an International sale?
What happens with an International sale?

Shipping & couriers > a quick recap on selling art internationally with Bluethumb

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Please pack your artwork the same as you would a regular domestic sale (see our packaging guide here) but with a little extra care as the artwork has further to travel - the safer the better!

When it comes to shipping artworks internationally, we recommend using Australia Post where possible! You can obtain a pre-paid AUS post label through our booking portal onsite. To see how to do this head to FAQ Shipping an Artwork Via Aus Post

Alternatively, if the artwork is oversized and cannot be shipped with Aus Post, Bluethumb can book a courier. Please be aware, this will only be done if the work cannot be sent with Aus Post and fees will be incurred if incorrect information is supplied. To see how to book a courier with us head to FAQ Shipping an Artwork Via Bluethumb Courier

If you are a self-shipper, or if you are unable to book shipment via the two mentioned methods above, please contact our Customer Service Team to assist.

Import duties and taxes vary based on country's policies and the cost of the artwork. The buyer is responsible for the international customs/import fees and taxes. We only recommend buyers to have a quick look at their country's customs website and consider the additional costs that might be involved.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Bluethumb at

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