International sales are an exciting milestone on Bluethumb - so, congrats! Below are a few common questions regarding international shipping. Read through and get clued up on the process for sending your masterpieces abroad!

How do I prepare my artwork?

If you see an international shipping address in your sale notification email, all you need to do is two simple things:

  1. Pack it with extra care for its long overseas journey. At least two layers of good quality bubble wrap, with the flat side facing your art, and the bubbles facing to the outside to avoid imprints.

  2. Book a courier through Bluethumb (through My Orders page). We will book an international courier and send you the shipping labels similar to domestic shipments. You can print these labels and put them on your well-packaged artwork and the courier will collect it from you on the nominated day. Please don't send it with your courier or Australia Post!

International shipments do not affect you as an artist in any way - your payout is the same as for any domestic order/sale. The extra cost for shipping is covered by the buyer on check out.

Is there an import tax for artworks shipped internationally? Who pays for that?

Import duties and taxes vary based on country's policies and the cost of the artwork. The buyer is responsible for the international custom/import fee and taxes. We only recommend buyers to have a quick look at their country's customs website and consider the additional costs that might be involved.

How can I check the status of my artwork once it's picked up?

Great idea! This way you can still mark the artwork as delivered on your Orders page. To track your artwork, you can refer to the tracking number on the labels you received from our Delivery team on the relevant courier website.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with team Bluethumb at [email protected].

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