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Shipping an Artwork Via Bluethumb Courier - New Form
Shipping an Artwork Via Bluethumb Courier - New Form

How to book & send with a Bluethumb Courier

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Shipping via Bluethumb Courier Overview.

  • Select this option if your artwork is over 105 cm on one side, or would simply prefer a Bluethumb courier to collect your artwork.

  • Collections will be Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (excluding Public Holidays)

  • You will need to ensure you are there on the day of collection to hand over the artwork to our couriers. Our couriers won’t collect your artwork if it's left unattended.

Firstly, take a look through the following resources for reference on how to package an artwork.

  1. How to pack your artwork - Acid free tissue paper or glassine paper is laid on top of the artwork surface first, then using three layers of bubble wrap. Who doesn't like extra padding on a long journey?

  2. Payment related questions? Read these articles - When will I be paid? How do I update my bank details? and Understand your artist invoice.

Ready to ship? Here's what you need to do:

  • Login to your Bluethumb account and go to the My Orders Section.

  • Click the 'Arrange Shipping' button on the order you want to ship.

You will then be taken to our new shipping page where you can follow the steps below.

1. Confirm your details (phone number and email address).

  • This allows us to contact you along the shipping process should we need to

2. Confirm the dimensions of your packaged artwork.

  • Please ensure you provide the accurate dimensions of the packaged artwork.

    • Artists are responsible for ensuring the details entered here are correct, inaccurate measurements can lead to additonal fees from couriers that may be passed onto the artist if due to imprecise measurements being provided.

    • Please only book once the work is fully packaged for accurate measurements and weight (do not guess, or book before packaging is complete).

    • Round up to the nearest cm (e.g. 45.5cm would be rounded to 46cm) and nearest 100g (e.g. 6.15kg would be rounded to 6.2kg)

3. Select Book Courier as the shipping method

  • Ensure to enter your address here, as this will be the artwork pick up address for our couriers, and recorded as the return shipping address.

4. Select a Pick Up Time.

We will provide you with options of collection times for couriers available, simply select a time and date from the options provided that suits you.

5. Review and Confirm.

  • This is your final chance to review and confirm all the details you’ve entered for this order.

  • If all details are correct click 'I Confirm Everything is Correct', if not please go back and make the according amendments.

  • By clicking "I Confirm Everything is Correct" you (as the artist) are taking responsibility for the information that has been entered and which will be used for booking.

5. Download and print your shipping label.

  • Print and attach the label to the packaged artwork, then your good to go.

  • IF the artwork is to be framed, you will also see a framing slip here to print and put into the package to be sent with the art.

The new changes mean you will not need to pay upfront for shipping, and no longer have to upload any receipts to Bluethumb.

Finding the new changes tricky? Or would just prefer the old method for now? Simply click the legacy booking form link at the top. This will revert the shipping process back to our previous method.

Don't worry, you'll still be able to switch between both methods for when shipping your next order. We also recommend reviewing our Bluethumb Membership Agreement for our polices.

Need further help? As always, our dedicated support team are here to assist. Simply email us at to get in touch.

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