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How can I track my artwork once shipped?
How can I track my artwork once shipped?

Tracking an artworks journey to its new home

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Ensuring your artwork reaches the collector successfully is important, and being able to easily track the work is key to this. You can track your orders progress through our site from your account. The tracking will be automatically updated on our site from the courier when key events happen, keeping you up to date with its progress.

You can track your order via your account, log into and go to My Orders on your profile. This will show your history of sales with Bluethumb, under the "Progress" column next to the corresponding work you are wanting to track, click the status button.

This will take you to a detailed tracking page showing you the progress of your order.

This tracking page gives you updates from when the order was placed right through to the work being delivered to the collector, including if they opted to have it framed through us.

You no longer need to confirm when the work has been collected or delivered, the new tracking portal will automatically do this for you. Freeing you up to focus on the more important things

Below is a quick video on how to access and use the feature.

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