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Im not getting Bluethumb Emails?
Im not getting Bluethumb Emails?

Assisting with some known issues on why artist may not be receiving emails from us

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There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving emails from us. Below is a few of the most common reasons with some guidance on how to over come.

Please note as an artist you will receive a variety of different emails from us, some transactional (e.g. sale notification emails, payment notifications), weekly news letters (e.g. notification of promotional periods, or changes to site) some marketing emails linked to site activity (e.g. New Art emails form followed artists, abandon cart emails). Understanding which emails are missing is helpful to understand the cause.

Check all your inbox folders

Many email domains are now automatically allocating the emails you receive into folders for you. As some of our emails, especially the transactional ones around a sale, are automated they can sometimes be accidentally classified as spam or marketing emails and allocated to a seperate folder.

You may need to check the following folders to make sure your email domain is not auto filling the emails incorrectly for you.

  • Junk

  • Spam

  • Other (not all domains have this but some have split inbox info focuses/active and Other example below)

To prevent your domain from doing this you will need to trust our email address' (please note we have a few different ones) to ensure the emails go into your main folder. Bluethumb is unable to assist with this, you will need to reach out to your domain provider to help you.

You are unsubscribed from our emails

As previously mentioned we send a few different email types. If you unsubscribe from receiving these emails we do have to remove you from the email sends so you could be missing out on important emails.

Depending on which email you unsubscribe from, this could mean you are unsubscribed from receiving transactional emails on sale (e.g. sale notification emails, shipping emails, payment emails) or from artist notification emails on upcoming events, prizes, promotional periods etc.

We strongly advises Artists do not unsubscribe from any emails from us if they wish to ensure they receive all relevant artist information.

If your looking to change the frequency of our "New Art" email from other artists, you can manage the email sends from your profile. Simply go to "Edit Profile" scroll to the bottom under MAIL SETTINGS and ensure you set up the frequency sending as desired.

Alternatively you can unfollow artists if you no longer wish to receive the emails at all. Go to "My Favourites" and click the header "Artists/Follow" this will bring up a list of artists you currently follow. To unfollow them click the blue button under their profile picture that says "Following" to remove them.

You or your domain blocked our account as spam

From time to time we do see accounts where either the artist, or the domain provider, has accidentally marked our emails as spam, totally blocking them from being received.

In these cases Im afraid there is nothing we can do, if the block is in place by the domain we are unable to lift it. You will need to remove the block on our emails with your domain provider, and/or add our email to a trust list so that future emails do not get blocked. Again Bluethumb is unable to assist or advise on how to do this, you will need to contact your domain provider for assistance.

Incorrect email address

It does happen, people do make spelling mistakes in their email address more frequently than you think. Please check the email address you have listed in your profile is correct, this is where we are sending all email communication to.

If you have looked at all the above areas and are still unable to understand why you are not receiving emails please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team, we will investigate into the issue as quickly as we can.

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