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Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when wanting to boost your online presence on Bluethumb.

Your Bluethumb profile is the key to attracting potential buyers, you want to make sure this is as professional as possible. Have another look at your artist bio, check for spelling mistakes or maybe update it with your recent accomplishments!

Re-ordering the artworks on your Bluethumb profile can make it read more cohesively. You may also want to consider how your Bluethumb profile is viewed on all devices - check your profile on a mobile, ipad and computer. 

Photographing your artwork is very important, even your Bluethumb profile picture is significant! Please make sure that the photos of your artwork are clean, crisp, and cropped - ideally taken in natural lighting. You should aim to include at least two close-up detailed photographs of each artwork.

Upload your artworks one at a time rather than in blocks as this makes your profile more active on the site. It’s best to include as much information in the artwork description as possible. That way a collector can make an informed decision straight away and they’ll be more likely to go ahead with the sale!

Have you considered framing your artworks? Our analytical data from the site shows that framed/ready to hang artworks are far more likely to sell. If framing is an overhead cost you don't want to spend on before making a sale, you can list an artwork as framed and mention in the description that the artwork will be framed on purchase - remember to also mention the time framing will take on top of shipping. This way, the collectors will have set expectations re the wait and will also get a nicely framed artwork (and you won't have to pay for it from your own pocket without making a sale).

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to promote yourself and your artwork! Link back to your Bluethumb profile on your personal website in the about us section, Facebook  (@bluethumb) and Instagram (@bluethumbart)! Instagram has a designated spot for a hyper-link. When you put a new post with an artwork, update the link in your bio to the new artwork so if anyone is in the mood - they can purchase it immediately (we can't emphasise enough on how short the window is when someone is making a decision on something they like). Also, when posting your artworks for purchase don't forget to mention 'link in bio'. 

Posting links means more traffic to your Bluethumb profile and reminds people that your artworks are for sale. This also helps float your profile and artworks up in popular feed and boosts your artworks in searches.

We’ll do our best to help find your art a wonderful new home! Thanks and good luck!

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