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Bluethumb is running a promotion, what do I need to know?
Bluethumb is running a promotion, what do I need to know?

Artist guide to promotions and sales on Bluethumb site

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From time to time Bluethumb will run promotions on site. These promotions are designed to run special campaign/or offers that will generate even more engagement with our buyers and increase exposure, which in turn leads to more sales for artists.

How frequently does Bluethumb run promotions?

We run several promotions a year, but that can vary. While promotions help boost artists sales and engagement we do only run them sparingly for a short amount of time as we do not want to devalue work.

How does the promotion affect me?

Depending on the type of promotion we choose to run, what this means for artists may vary.

The most common promotion we run is a % off for buyers. The % offered is based on the final cart value (e.g. they could have more than one work in their cart) and applied at checkout. When % discounts are applied to an order the discount is split between the artist and Bluethumb relative to the commission split (67/33%) on the artwork value. The artist invoice we provide at the time of sale, breaks down the calculation.

All promotional activity is communicated to artists prior to the sale starting with the cogs of how it will work.

What's Strikethrough Pricing?

We use strikethrough pricing for some site wide promotions to help highlight to buyers the offer, we find doing this increases the conversion rate as buyers can clearly see the saving on offer.

Strikethrough pricing is where the original price on site can still be seen, but there is a slash through the amount and a new promotional lower amount highlighted. This form of displaying promotional discounts/offers is common with online retailers, and you may have seen it used on other sites.

Strikethrough pricing on site is calculated and actioned from the total cart value. If we are offering a variable discount promotion (e.g. 10% off $0 -$1499 and 15% off $1500+) then the strike through pricing indicated on site will adjust depending on the total $ the buyer has in their cart (e.g. if someone adds a work thats $500 to their cart then only 10% strikethrough pricing will show. But if they then add another work that's $1000, now creating a cart total of $1500 then 15% strikethrough pricing will show).

I don't have margin in my work for discounts or sales?

We strongly recommend building a buffer into your pricing to account for discounts (as well as other elements), not only on our site but across anywhere else you list the same artwork. Negotiations on pricing is common within the art world and having flexibility in your pricing is a helpful tool to get a sale across the line.

How is the discount Split between the Artist and Bluethumb?

The discount is applied to the total cost of the artwork. This means that the discount has to be shared between the artist and Bluethumb through the standard commission rate.

Here's a template for you to calculate as an example:

  • Artwork Display Price (ADP) = $

  • Discount (%) - $

  • Finance Fees (% if applicable) -$

  • Shipping - $

  • Bluethumbs Commission 33% -$


How do I know when a promotion is on?

We will communicate any planned site-wide sales in advance via email and artist dashboard banners. We will also provide all the relevant info on the sale such as how long it will run for, and what discounts are on offer for collectors.

It's important to note that there may be discounts applied to an order outside a sale period. These are generally our trade clients, or VIP collectors. These discounts are part of our general Terms and Conditions.

Can I opt out of these promotions?

Promotions are site wide and apply to all work listed as available and for sale on Bluethumb. Furthermore, by listing your works with Bluethumb, you agree to comply with our Bluethumb Membership Agreement.

I have a Commissioned Artwork that I am listing or have listed during a Sale Period

When uploading the commissioned artwork, ensure you tick the box "This artwork is a commissioned artwork for a collector" under the "Commissioned Artwork" section on the listing page (as shown below) - this notifies us this is a commission for a set person and removes the work from public view in ‘New Art’, as well as ensuring it is not included in the sale.

Once uploaded the work will go into your "Commission" subsection under "My Artworks" from here you can click "Share" next to the appropriate artwork and copy the link to provide to the buyer (screen shot below). This allows the buyer to purchase your work exclusively, once purchased the work will show under "Just Sold".

Here's a step by step video guide on how to do this:

What else do I need to know?

Any orders that come through during the sale period should be treated like any other order. If you're unsure on what to do next, here's an article that explains this.

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