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My recent uploaded Art was not in the "New Art" email I received?
My recent uploaded Art was not in the "New Art" email I received?

How the New Art emails work and why you may not see your artwork in them

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The "New Art" emails are a feature available to followers of artists who have opted in to receive notifications whenever their favorite artist uploads a new work. These emails grant collectors early access to view and potentially purchase new artworks ahead of other buyers.

Frequently, our Customer Service Team receives inquiries regarding these emails, recognising their significance as proactive tools for artists to inform their followers about new works. Here are some important points for artists to consider regarding how the "New Art" emails operate:

  • Artists cannot follow themselves from their artist accounts, so these emails will not be sent to them.

  • The frequency of these emails is determined by the recipient, who can choose to receive them daily or weekly. The frequency selected impacts which artworks are included in the email.

  • For daily emails, artworks uploaded within 24 hours of the last email are sent. The timing of these emails varies for each follower.

  • For weekly emails, artworks uploaded within 7 days of the last email are included. Again, the timing varies for each follower.

  • The content of these emails informs buyers about which artists have uploaded new works since the last email, displayed at the artist level rather than the artwork level. If an artist uploads multiple artworks, only one will be featured as an example in the email.

  • Up to six artists' works are showcased physically in the email. If fewer than six artists upload within the timeframe, only their works will be shown. If more than six artists upload, a random selection of six artists' works is displayed, with a link provided for followers to view all uploaded artworks on the site.

  • These emails are dynamic, with various factors determining their composition. Depending on the number of artists followed by the collector, the quantity of artworks uploaded, and the chosen email frequency, artworks may appear directly in the email or through the provided link.

  • If an artist has listed a new work within the specified timeframe and it does not appear in the main email or extended artworks link, they are encouraged to contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

  • Artists are kindly asked to ensure they have reviewed the above information before reaching out to our team, as addressing such inquiries detracts from addressing buyer questions.

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