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Can I delete a sold listing?
Can I delete a sold listing?
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No - currently artists do not have the ability to remove from their sold section any work.

There are a few reasons why but the main one is all work sold through Bluethumb is connected to an order in our Back End system. If we delete the listing it affects the order details in the Back End and as we must have seven years of order history for audit purposes, we can not delete these listings.

If you wish to delete a sold work that was not sold through Bluethumb, please contact our Customer Service Team to assist. Please know however to remove work is manual and very labour intensive for the team, we can only remove works seldomly for a valid reason and it takes a substantial amount of time to do. Please submit a request to remove no more than 5 artworks (any more than this and the team may be unable to assist) and the team will do their best to assist.

We encourage artist to only mark works as sold if you are 100% they will remain sold and are happy to have them displayed in your 'Just Sold' section on your profile.

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