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What is the Bluethumb Advertising Campaign?

Bluethumb's Facebook Advertising Campaign is a specialised marketing service designed to promote artists and their artwork on Facebook and Instagram. It is designed to put your artworks in front of more collectors, help drive more people to your artwork pages and strengthen your online presence by leveraging Bluethumb's brand presence.

How does the process work for artists?

Once an artist signs up for our advertising campaign, we design a captivating ad that showcases their artwork using images from their Bluethumb profile. We handle the entire ad management process, targeting specific audiences to maximise reach and engagement. After the campaign concludes, artists receive a detailed report highlighting key performance metrics. Everything is managed by Bluethumb so artists can focus on creating more art!

What is included in the advertising campaign package?

Our base package for a Facebook and Instagram ad starts at $350, which includes a custom designed ad using images of your artworks.

Bluethumb publishes, manages and reports on the ad for you at no cost, meaning the full $350 investment goes towards the ad spend on Facebook. This is in contrast to standard agency practice, where a fee for the management of ads would be added to the cost of the ad spend itself.

The creative for the ad itself will be shared with you the artist prior to the ad going live, so that you can also share on your social channels.

Here's an example of a "collection" ad:

What are retargeting ads and how do they benefit me as an artist?

Bluethumb’s Advertising Campaigns will help drive more people to your artwork pages. An added benefit is those same people will be captured within Bluethumb’s extensive network of retargeting ad campaigns. These are funded entirely by Bluethumb, and have the effect of visually ‘reminding’ people of your artworks in the form of online ads shown after they have left your artwork pages. Our retargeting ads are highly targeted and effective, making your paid artist ad campaign work harder and longer.

Is advertising the right thing for me as an artist?

Facebook advertising provides artists with a powerful platform to showcase their work to a vast and diverse audience. By leveraging Bluethumb's brand and following, artists can benefit from targeted exposure, increased visibility, and have their artwork showcased to many more potential collectors.

It should be noted however, that advertising on Facebook should be approached as a strategic long-term investment rather than a quick fix for immediate sales. While it might not always yield instant results in terms of direct purchases, consistent advertising over time significantly enhances the likelihood of sales and expands exposure to potential collectors.

By maintaining a presence on Facebook through regular advertising, artists can cultivate brand awareness, engage with their audience, and build a loyal following. This continuous visibility fosters trust and familiarity with the artist's work, ultimately increasing the chances of converting viewers into buyers.

How do you ensure the success of the advertising campaign?

Our team of marketing professionals at Bluethumb understands the nuances of the art market. We conduct thorough research to identify the target audience for each artist, create visually appealing ads that resonate with potential buyers, and continually optimise the campaign to maximise its effectiveness.

Can artists have input on the ad design?

Our team of designers up to 5 images of your most recent works from your Bluethumb profile. The images are chosen from artworks towards the top of your profile which our design team think will capture the audiences attention. It's important to note that these may be different to what you consider to be your best works, but the point of the ad is to drive collectors to your profile.

What kind of results can artists expect from the campaign?

Results may vary, but common outcomes include increased visibility, engagement, and potential sales. The performance report provided at the end of the campaign details key metrics such as reach and impressions.

Are sales guaranteed?

While advertising on Facebook and Instagram provides valuable tools and insights to help you reach potential buyers and increase sales opportunities, actual sales depend on a large range of factors and are not guaranteed.

Think of advertising as a way to expand your reach to potential collectors. Not everyone will be ready to purchase one of your artworks as soon as they see your ad, but by showcasing your work awareness grows and the probability of success increases.

How long does a typical advertising campaign run?

The standard campaign duration is determined based on the budget of the ad campaign, meaning the entire $350 will be used on Facebook and Instagram. A specific time frame can not be determined, as we allow Facebook's algorithm to utilise the budget and deliver it in the most effect way possible.

Can I track the performance of my Bluethumb Advertising Campaigns?

Yes, Bluethumb provides comprehensive performance insights upon the conclusion of your campaign. We report on metrics such as reach, impressions, and clicks to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

How can artists sign up for the Bluethumb Facebook Advertising Campaign?

Simply email for more info.

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