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Artist Series - how to create and general FAQ's
Artist Series - how to create and general FAQ's

Organise your profile by curating your artwork into folders with this Bluethumb Pro feature.

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What is an Artist Series?

Artist Series is a brand new Bluethumb Pro feature that allows you to curate your artwork into collections, making it easier for buyers to navigate your profile.

Organise your portfolio based on a theme, style, the year you created it, or whatever your heart desires!

How do I create and publish an Artist Series?

If you're subscribed to Bluthumb Pro, you can start creating an Artist Series now. Read the instructions or click on the video below to learn how!

Step 1: Create a Wishlist

  1. Log in to your artist account on Bluethumb.

  2. Go to 'Wishlists'

  3. Create a new Wishlist by clicking on blue 'Create Wishlist' button

  4. Give the Wishlist a title - this will be visible to buyers

Step 2: Adding work to the Wishlist

  1. Go to 'View Profile' from the top drop down menu

  2. Once on your profile click into a listing you want to add to the Wishlist

  3. Click '+WISHLIST' on the listing page and choose from the list of Wishlist's to add

Step 3: Add a Wishlist Description

  1. Once created click on the desired Wishlist on the next page next to the title you should see three dots, click these

  2. Click the 'Edit' icon and edit or add a description to the current Wishlist. A description is required to publish a Wishlist as an Artist Series.

  3. Click on 'Confirm Changes'

Step 4: Publish the Wishlist as an Artist Series

  1. Simply click on the toggle labelled 'Publish as a Series' to publish this Wishlist as an Artist Series.

  2. You will see the confirmation and a button to copy a direct link to the newly published Series.

  3. This published Series will now be visible on your artist profile (as long as it has at least one artwork from you).

Who can publish an Artist Series?

Artist Series is a feature only available to artists with a Bluethumb Pro profile. Begin your 15-day FREE trial now or subscribe to Bluethumb Pro.

Can I add artwork from other artists to my Series?

Short answer: No.

You can have artwork by another artist in your Wishlist, but once you publish it as a Series, artwork from other artists will be hidden from the Artist Series displayed on your profile.

Where will my Artist Series be visible on my profile?

All personal Artist Series will be displayed on your public artist profile, next to the 'Sold' tab.

Can I edit my Wishlist or Series after I've hit publish?

Yes, absolutely! You can edit your Wishlist anytime. If the Wishlist has already been published as a Series, then the changes (additions or removals) will be immediately reflected in the published Artist Series.

How do I unpublish or hide an Artist series?

Simply click on the toggle 'unpublish Series'. Your Artist Series will be hidden from your public profile, yet remain accessible to you as a personal Wishlist.

Suggestions or feedback?

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please share your feedback through this feedback form below. This comes directly to the whole team at Bluethumb and will help us make The Home of Australian Artists better than ever.

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