We’ve figured out a few essential elements to having the perfect profile and would love to help you all to stand out. You can do this on Bluethumb by upgrading to the Enhanced Artist Profile.

Designed as a business tool for artists, the Enhanced Profile allows you to optimise your profile with greater personalisation and features, to ensure your online growth and success. Because, let’s be honest, the easier business is to manage, the more you can concentrate on creating great art.

Here we outline the key features of the Paid Enhanced Profile and show you why it’s a $29 p/m well spent.

The Carousel: Add five artworks to hero your profile.

Help your profile stand out from the crowd with the addition of your very own carousel image gallery. This is more than just a headshot. Five images, on rotation, standing tall next to your profile information.

This eye-catching feature is a way to highlight your favourite artworks and keep buyers looking for longer. Remember, the more time a collector spends on your profile, the more likely they are to purchase your art.

Post Scheduling: List artwork ahead of time.

Sitting around waiting for the perfect time to post? Use this scheduling feature to publish your latest masterpiece ahead of time.

In The Studio: Write your very own personal blog.

A day in the life of an artist is not only intriguing for collectors, but also gives them an opportunity to connect with you and your work. This feature facilitates this connection.

Upload photos of your studio, works in progress, inspiration, or even just use it for a rant… The In The Studio space is designed for you to share your story (and to gain a few more followers along the way!)

Artwork Tracker: Gain more insight with individual artwork analytics.

The Artwork Tracker offers a deeper level of analysis on your artworks.

With this feature, we’re answering one of our most common questions: “How can I tell which of my artworks is resonating with the most people?” Get visibility on Impressions, Views, Favourites, Add to Carts and Shares at an individual artwork level.

Every artwork is unique and should get the attention it deserves. The Artwork Tracker does not only help you to understand what’s more popular on the platform, but also can guide your inspiration on what to paint next.

We are offering a free 15 day Enhance Profile trial to all Bluethumb artists. Click below to get started.

When your trial concludes, the Enhanced Profile is $29 per month. Feel free to cancel at any time. Read more about the Enhanced Profile FAQ's here.

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