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We've introduced a new image upload tile called 'Framing Preview'. This image will be used for showing framing preview to our buyers to avoid framing preview around in-situ and interior images such as the one below. Make sure you update your artworks to add a 'Framing Preview' image for your existing and new artworks (this is mandatory when uploading artworks).

Bluethumb Framing

Bluethumb introduced framing services in October 2020 and it has been a resounding success. It's been very well accepted by our artists and collectors alike. For artists, it's one more thing they don't need to worry about and for our collectors, it's another level of personalisation without any added efforts.

To improve our collectors' experience, we're now introducing an additional image tile for our artists. This image will only be used for framing and 'view on the wall' previews.

To understand this feature better, we've answered a few questions below.

What is 'Framing Preview'?

We offer our collectors a preview of how their favourite artworks look when they'll be framed with our 'Framing Preview' feature. This uses the primary image of the artwork to add a frame of their choice around it.

What is the new 'Framing Preview' image used for?

Many artists often upload an in-situ image of the artwork in the 'Primary' image slot. When this happens, the framing preview shows the frame around this in-situ image and looks odd. Here's an example -

With the new 'Framing Preview' image, we're giving our artists the ability to upload a separate image which will only be used for framing (and View on the wall) previews for our collectors.

What kind of image should I upload in the 'Framing Preview' section?

For the best framing and view on the wall previews, the image should show only the artwork - with no borders, matte or background. Here's an example (Something about dead trees by Corinne Young)

What do I have to do differently?

Nothing, really!

You upload your artworks as per normal. When you are uploading images, make sure you upload a cropped (artwork only) image of your artwork within the 'Framing Preview' section. That's it.

Can I update my older listings?

Yes, absolutely.

Simply 'Edit' your older listings and you can update the 'Framing Preview' section for all your artworks.

We expect this update to significantly improve user experience and make their journey of finding the perfect artwork even better.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with questions or suggestions at [email protected].

Your team at Bluethumb!

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