Who doesn't like new and improved? We certainly do! That's why we're excited to announce a change highly requested by Bluethumb artists - more artwork categories πŸ™Œ

What has changed?

We've greatly improved your options to categorise artworks for both better search matching, and improved visibility. In a nutshell:

  • Collections splits into 2x new categories

  • Subject > containing 39 options

  • Style > containing 20 options

  • Plus Medium expands to 35 options

  • You can now select up to 3x Subjects and 3x Styles for each artwork



This will help our artists - that's you - to categorise your artworks better. Plus help our buyers to find your work more easily.

What do I need to do?

Good question! You'll need to review and update each of your artworks to ensure they match to the most relevant new category options.

  1. Login to Bluethumb and visit My Artworks

  2. Select Available Artworks. Click Edit

  3. Scroll down and amend Colours + Medium + Subject + Style

  4. Add Image Descriptive Text (article) + Keywords (article)

  5. Click Update Artwork button page bottom to save changes

  6. Repeat steps for the next Available Artwork you'd like to update

What happens if I do nothing?

Short answer is not a lot, though these new categories exist to help make your artwork easier for people to find. Your artwork could get 'buried' below artworks that have been more accurately categorised.

We are encouraging artists to update each of their listings as soon as they can. This will help your art get better visibility on and off the site. The category changes are permanent, so you can update at any time.

And to make updates faster and easier, using image recognition magic we've been able to auto-apply Subject to many (but not all) artworks.

But please still double-check Subject selections at the same as editing Style and Medium.

Stay safe and stay painting πŸ––πŸ»
Your team at Bluethumb.

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