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How do I use keywords/# tags?
How do I use keywords/# tags?

What are keywords or # tags, why are they important and how to write them?

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In addition to alternative text, the keywords, also known as #tags, you select when uploading your artwork are utilised by individuals to discover artworks with a shared theme. These tags influence the results of the Bluethumb search bar and determine how your artwork is categorised alongside others with similar tags.

The crucial aspect here is relevance. It's more advantageous to use carefully chosen keywords (a minimum of 5 is recommended) that precisely describe your artwork than to simply 'stuff' popular but irrelevant words.

For instance, if you upload a painting depicting a Border Collie dog sitting in a field, avoid tagging it with #Corgi, #mountains, or #Crufts, or other keywords that might seem loosely connected but are unrelated to your artwork.

Imagine yourself as a potential buyer. Suppose I am specifically seeking out 'Corgi' paintings. If I encounter the #Corgi and click on it, a selection of matched artworks will appear on my screen. While your Border Collie might appear in my results, it's not what I'm seeking and could deter a potential sale.

Keep these tips in mind to become proficient in selecting keywords, something that will benefit both your artworks and potential buyers:

  • Select up to a maximum of 10 keywords.

  • Be precise and truthful with your keyword descriptions.

  • Use individual words (#dog, #field) rather than combining words (#dog in a field).

  • Be descriptive > choose words you would use to describe your artwork to someone with their eyes closed

  • Avoid using variations or plural versions of the same tag (#dog, #dogs, #dogo). Ensure each tag is unique and impactful.

  • Refrain from using colour keywords as they are automatically added based on the colour swatches selected during upload.

Your keywords will be displayed as #tags at the bottom of your new artwork listing page, just below the ADD TO CART button, ready for art collectors to browse and click on.

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