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How to mark an artwork as sold?
How to mark an artwork as sold?

Steps to mark an artwork as sold if you've sold it elsewhere

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If you have sold an artwork offsite (not through Bluethumb) that is already published on Bluethumb please mark it as sold by:

  • Going to your “My Artworks” page

  • Finding the correct artwork by searching or scrolling

  • Click the “More Actions” button to the right of the artwork

  • Select “Mark as Sold”

  • Choose the reason why you are marking this work as sold and click “Confirm”

If you are uploading a work that has previously been sold to add to your portfolio, you can mark it as sold on the upload page in the “Availability” section.

Just a reminder if you have listed the work as a VIP exclusive (as part of the Pro Plan Subscription) the work does need to remain exclusive to Bluethumb for the first 60 days (to comply with the T&C's) so you will not be able to remove the work as sold from site.

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