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How to mark an artwork as 'Unavailable' on Bluethumb?
How to mark an artwork as 'Unavailable' on Bluethumb?

See how to change availability of your artworks on Bluethumb

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You should only mark your artwork as 'Unavailable' if it's not available for purchase. Maximum number of days you can mark an artwork as 'Unavailable' for is 60 days. If your work is not available for longer, you can mark it as sold or move it to drafts and publish later.

If your artwork available for purchase after a certain day/date, you can mark it as 'Available with delayed dispatch'.

To mark an artwork as 'Unavailable' -

  • Go to 'My Artworks'

  • Search/find the artwork you'd like to make unavailable

  • Click on 'Edit'

  • Scroll down to 'Availability' section

  • Choose 'Unavailable' from the drop down menu

  • Choose the date it's available from

  • You can choose to leave a note/reason for unavailability

  • Scroll all the way down and 'Update'

This artwork will now be shown as 'Enquire Now' and will not be included in any of our marketing and advertising campaigns.

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