Date: June 2021

Bluethumb has introduced colour selection when you upload an artwork. Colour filters are quite popular among the collectors to choose the right pallet for their home/offices.

How does it work?

When you upload an artwork image to be published, you'll see the 'Artwork Colours' section pop up immediately. You can choose up to two dominant colours in your artwork and this will help collectors find your work when they use the colour filters on Bluethumb.

How does the colour selection work?

When you upload an image, we automatically detect the dominant colour in the artwork and it is selected by default. You can un-select that (by clicking on it again) and select other colours if you feel the selection is inaccurate.

What do you mean by dominant colours?

Simply put - which colours do you think represent this artwork the best. Another way to think about it is - what's the best colour you'd like this artwork to show up as a filter with?

How do I update my older listings?

This auto-colour selector works when a new 'Primary Photo' is uploaded. If you'd like to edit your older listings, simply reupload the 'Primary Photo' again. To do this:

  • Click on the 'Primary Photo' icon

  • Choose the main/primary photo for this artwork

Once this image is uploaded, you'll see the colour selector appear and you can choose the right colours.

Can we choose other colours?

We're working on a whole new colour selector which will give you and the collectors more colour options to narrow their search. This feature is coming very soon - so keep an eye on out on our announcements.

How does this affect search and discovery of my art?

Consider colours as keywords or tags for your artworks. If a collector is searching for artworks that have 'dark blue' and 'red' - and you've selected these colours for your artwork - your artwork will show in that search.

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