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How to use Bluethumb Inbox to convert conversations into sales
How to use Bluethumb Inbox to convert conversations into sales

Best tips and to-do's to convert Bluethumb inbox messages into sales

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Bluethumb Inbox provides a safe and easy way for collectors to reach out to their favourite artists: not just for questions, but also just to share their admiration of their work, learn about the artist journey, and the stories behind each piece. The Inbox makes for a more personal and direct conversation with artists. It's especially handy when you're working on a custom request or a commissioned artwork so that you can discuss the finest of details directly without any interruptions.

As it's a powerful tool with a lot of potential, we've put together a few tips and recommended practices on what's okay, what's expected, and how to go the extra mile to convert a 'maybe' to a definite sale.

If they've reached out, they're interested

If they've taken the leap to send you a message, and they seem interested - they are!

Sometimes people just need some reassurance to pull the trigger - and if it comes from the artist directly, there's nothing better than that.

Tell them their purchase is safe with Bluethumb's 7-day free returns service where Bluethumb pays for the return freight if they want to return something and they get their money back in full.

If you think they need assistance with something else, ask the Bluethumb team - we'll be more than happy to give them a call.

Sometimes collectors want to see more photos of an artwork to get a feel of how it would look in person.

When asked for photos, send a few, taken from different angles.

When people ask for more photos of a piece make sure your providing them with images not listed on site, with more details and more angels of the work. For example:

  • Offer them photos from all angles.

  • Take at least 1-2 photos where the whole artwork is in the frame.

  • Show details (close-ups)

  • Show the side or back of the work (including any hanging attachments)

  • Show frame if it's already framed.

Detailed photos help them feel safer about the artwork quality, colours and what the work will come like when delivered.

Didn't hear back from them? Following up is a must - people forget.

Just like you and us - art collectors get busy and forget. Following up after a couple of days is not just encouraged but appreciated by the collectors.

  • Up to 3 follow-up messages are fine.

  • Give them 1-2 days after your initial reply before you follow up.

  • Remember that they receive an email and a text message - so don't follow up after midnight :)

  • A gentle "Just checking in" is a great way to follow up, or "Making sure you received my messages" is a good starter too.

If you still don't hear back from the collector after 2-3 follow ups then please dont send any more. The buyer may have unfortunatly had a change of heart (it happens) and repeatedly messaging the buyer in these situations if not best practice.

You're on holiday - let them buy now and dispatch later!

If someone wants to buy an artwork and you're not able to dispatch it immediately, you can ask them to secure the artwork now by ordering it, and dispatch it when you're back. Just let them know when that will be and they can make the decision to go ahead if they're happy to wait.

If someone has reached out to purchase, they already love your art - so waiting a few extra days or weeks won't deter them as long as they can acquire the piece and don't lose out.

Also don’t forget to pop your account on to holiday mode so other potential buyers are notified prior to checkout I'm going on holiday. What should I do?

Artwork temporarily unavailable? Sell now, dispatch later!

If someone wants to buy an artwork that's not with you at the moment but is available for sale, let them know when you will be able to get the piece on its way to them and that they can still make it theirs by purchasing now.

Remember, people are okay to wait for something they love - and they love your work if you've heard from them.

We have several availability options for for on site, and in this scenario “Available with Delayed Dispatch’ would be the best. Check out Availability Options for Your Artwork.

Want to offer them a discount? Do!

Discounts are often seen as annoying - but people do love a deal. If you think a small discount can get them over the line, and you're happy to do that, go for it.

If you have the Pro Plan you can create a custom discount code for the collector from you artist dashboard checkout Custom Discount Codes Overview & FAQs. If you do not have the pro plan please reach out to the Bluethumb Team to help create a code for you.

They want to see your future works - ask them to follow you

When people follow you, they receive emails when you upload new works on Bluethumb. This offers them a chance to see your work first before anyone else! So if you know your making a new work they might like, ask them to follow you so they get notified.

When commissioning an artwork - make sure you follow these steps or talk to the team at Bluethumb

Commissions are great, and a wonderful way for collectors to get unique art in their homes. We made a dedicated FAQ to this whole process so please checkout Commissioning an artwork for a collector

Studio visits

Studio visits are great when people want to see your work in person before committing. If your comfortable having collectors around to your studio space we are happy to help facilitate this. Please ensure you read Someone wants to visit my studio and purchase directly - how do I go about this? and abide by Bluethumbs policies associated with this.

Conversations are monitored by Blauethumb to control any spam or malicious intentions. If you see that a message has been retracted, that might be due to it containing personal contact details, direct deal offers or any unsafe links or malicious messages. If you're not sure, go through our Communication Policy and the Bluethumb Membership Agreement

Bluethumb Inbox is a great tool which puts you in touch with real collectors who are interested in your work. Make sure you make the most of it as you would with someone in person.

If the team here at Bluethumb can help you with anything, just let us know!

Your Team at Bluethumb 💙👍🏼

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