You asked and we listened!

This has been one of the most requested features and the team at Bluethumb is proud to announce that artists with Enhanced Profile status or subscriptions will now be able to schedule the publishing of their new artwork listings.

What does this feature do?

You can now create and upload multiple listings, then schedule to publish them one at a time (or however you wish to) at a later date.

How is this feature helpful?

This means less admin time and more art time! Upload as many artworks as you wish in the one sitting, then trickle publish them live.

Bluethumb's algorithms encourage and reward regular engagement with your profile, so this will allow you to automate a big part of that.

How does it work?

There's virtually no change in how you upload your artworks. But instead of publishing or saving it as a draft, at the bottom of the listing page you'll now be able to schedule it to be published later (date and time of your choosing).

Anything else to know?

All your scheduled listings will be visible at:

You can manage, edit and manually publish listings from here or via My Artwork.

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