Let your collectors know if an artwork will be dispatched with a delay (even before they add it to their cart).

This is designed to help you set clear expectations for potential buyers, such as:

  • You're away from your studio until a certain date

  • A new artwork is drying and can't be shipped immediately

  • An artwork is currently not in your possession

  • An artwork is permanently unavailable

How do these options help me as an artist?

It can be tricky to handle the expectations of buyers when an artwork is not ready for dispatch just yet, but you do want to publish it for sale now. Reasons can be any of the reasons listed above, or perhaps something else.

We've found that almost all collectors are happy to wait a bit longer if they understand: 1) the reason for the delay, 2) that the artwork is indeed available, and 3) an expected delayed delivery date.

We know from collector feedback artworks marked 'unavailable' without clear reason will be skipped over if they're shortlisting artworks for a future purchase or a project.

With all of this in mind, we've made this experience intuitive for you, and for our collectors.

What are the options?

You can distinguish the artwork availability between 'unavailable' and 'available with a delayed dispatch'.

  1. Available with delayed dispatch

    When uploading or editing an artwork, instead of simply marking your artworks unavailable for a short period of time (previously ranging from 3-90 days), you can now let collectors know when it will be available for dispatch. Collectors can then go ahead with the purchase if they're happy to wait.

    Note that artworks marked with Available with delayed dispatch setting will appear as Add To Cart for the collectors. If they wish to purchase, we'll show a notice informing them that this artwork is unavailable until a certain date (example below).

  2. Unavailable

    If your artwork is unavailable for more than 30 days, you can still upload and publish it on Bluethumb. The artwork will be visible in your profile, but will not be included in any of our marketing campaigns due to its unavailability.

    Collectors will see this as Enquire Now and can still reach out to you should they have any questions around it.

  3. Holiday Mode

    Holiday Mode allows collector to see you're away from the studio, and will be able to dispatch artworks only after you're back. Click here for a reminder on how to use Holiday Mode.

    While you're away, collectors can still see and purchase your artworks if they're okay to wait until your return. The sales don't have to stop while you're on holiday 🙌.

When to use 'Available with delayed dispatch'?

Use this option when an artwork is available for sale but you're unable to ship it within 1-5 working days from the sale date. Up to a maximum of 30 days. This would apply in situations such as:

  • The artwork is at a local gallery or café and you need a few days to collect, package and dispatch.

  • The artwork is still drying and you think it'll take more than one week to completely dry.

  • You're making changes to the artwork and will update the listing in a week's time.

  • The artwork is currently not with you (you've just moved or some of your works are in storage etc.).

When to use 'Unavailable'?

You should only use the 'Unavailable' option when the artwork is not available for sale for less than 60 days, but you still want to include it in your Bluethumb portfolio.

If it's unavailable for more than 60 days, you can mark it as sold (if you'd like to add it to your portfolio) or save it as a draft if you want to publish it later when it's available.

It's important to understand that if marked unavailable, we will not include it in our advertising campaigns or any promotional projects until it becomes available. When it does become available, we recommend re-listing this artwork so it goes through the All Art feed for maximum exposure.

When to use 'Holiday Mode'?

Use this option when you're away from the studio and are unable to attend to any sales or shipments during this period.

This advises the team at Bluethumb plus your collectors of your unavailability, though allows the purchase artworks if people are happy to wait so you don't lose out on sales.

If you have any questions, as always, please reach out to [email protected]

Note: All artworks listed with the delayed dispatch option will be available for sale for Bluethumb collectors. If this is sold in the interim through another channel, you're obligated to send the original work to the Bluethumb collector and offer the other client a replacement or refund. Read our terms and conditions on your obligation to fulfill Bluethumb orders here.

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