Hi team,

We're updating the experience of how our collectors see and select framing on Bluethumb.

Collectors will now be able to see a sample frame around the eligible artworks before making their final selection and confirming the order. Here's a sneak preview for you -

Here's what you need to know to make sure they have a good experience while looking at your artworks -

When Uploading A New Artwork

While uploading your artwork images, make sure the 'Primary Image' is a cropped image of just the artwork (no backgrounds, additional borders or a styled scene)

We will be using the primary image to show the frame selection so having a styled scene or uncropped image might look silly with a frame around it.

Updating Existing Artworks

For your recent, already uploaded artworks, please update the Primary Image to be the cropped image of just the artwork.

We will soon be releasing more updates on how you upload, edit and manage your artworks so keep an eye on your profile notifications.

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