After a year's hiatus, Bluethumb Art Prize 2020 has just been announced and we couldn't be more excited! If you haven't read our recent blog post on the event, it's the perfect place to get the lowdown on the art prize of the year. You can find current entries to Bluethumb Art Prize 20 by clicking here, and the answers to your FAQs below!

I can't wait to enter! When do the entries open?

Entries will be accepted from 1st October until 31st October 2020. Once entries are open, simply upload your piece as normal to the site and tick the box to indicate this is for the Bluethumb Art Prize 2020. Best get those materials ready!

How many pieces can I enter?

Each Bluethumb artist may enter one piece to the prize. You can change which one this is whilst entries are open.

Is there any criteria I have to meet for my entry to be eligible?

Your entry needs to be available for sale, listed this year (2020!), and exclusive to Bluethumb on entry.

What if my artwork sells?

Terrific! We don't want to stop you from selling work during these challenging times, so it can be sold and shipped in the usual way. Our Winners exhibition can be with a different artwork of your choosing.

Oh great! So there's going to be an exhibition as well?

You bet! The prizes include a winners exhibition at 1 Denison early next year, as well as a 4-page editorial in 2021’s first edition of Grand Designs Australia Magazine and $500 Eckersley’s gift vouchers to spend on art supplies.

I'm not sure my art style fits into the listed categories...

The categories of Art Prize 20 are as inclusive as possible. If, for instance, you specialise in animal art, animal portraits will be happily accepted for our Portrait Award; likewise, sculptures could be strong contenders for the Abstract Award. Consider the subject matter, composition and orientation of the piece as an indicator to which category it best suits.

Sounds swell! How do I enter?

To enter the prize, simply go to My Artwork, and check the box of the piece you'd like to put forward. Please double check it meets the entry requirements (see criteria), otherwise it won't be considered. Boo! See the image below for reference 👇

This page will be frequently updated with your questions, so if there's anything that remains unanswered, please feel free to contact us. Time to hit the studio!

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