The additional features of an Enhanced Artist Profile were developed and tested to help give you greater design personalisation to better stand out. Read more about these powerful features here.

An Enhanced Earned Free profile rewards Featured Artists who follow Bluethumb profile best practices. We'd love all of our Featured Artists to access these great features, though before you press the request profile review button on your Billing page, here's what you need to know:

  • Featured Artists will have one review request only, so please ensure you have reviewed and updated your profile before placing your request

  • Is your profile up-to-date? Bluethumb buyers love to get to know our artists, so ensure your bio, exhibition and prize information is descriptive. Basically follow the tips that helped your profile get to Featured Artist status

  • Do you currently have a minimum of 5x artworks for sale on Bluethumb? Buyers are disappointed to find a new favourite artist they have discovered has zero artworks for purchase... While artists need time to paint and replenish their supply, we recommend you maintain at least 5x artworks available for sale

  • Have you linked your socials or website to your Bluethumb profile? Are you using the Bluethumb Promote Tools to increase the visibility of your Bluethumb profile and artworks? Maintaining a digital presence for your artwork outside of Bluethumb (e.g. an Instagram or Pinterest profile) is a great way to help new people discover you and your artworks. We encourage this, though Bluethumb invests heavily in re-targeting marketing campaigns, meaning visitors to your Bluethumb profile will be pulled into these campaigns and you'll benefit from our extensive marketing efforts. With our huge reach across Australia and worldwide, your artworks will then be seen within Bluethumb ads after people leave your Bluethumb profile or artworks pages. Click here for how to link your Instagram or link your Facebook shop

Once you have reviewed your profile and are confident your profile will pass a request review, tick the two checkboxes and hit that request profile review button!

Allow 2x weeks for the Bluethumb team to review your profile, and get back to you via email.

Featured Artists may also subscribe to upgrade their profile to start using Enhanced Artist Profile features now. Click here for Paid Plan FAQs.

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