The additional features of an Enhanced Artist Profile were developed and tested to help give you greater design personalisation to better stand out.

Remember, you can start a 15 day free trial to test the Enhanced Artist Profile features and cancel anytime during the trial. NOTE > if you cancel your trial you will not be able to re-commence it.

Here are some of the FAQs to consider before upgrading your Featured Artist profile to Enhanced Artist Paid Plan.

Or to get started log in to Bluethumb > Billing.

What are the paid plan options?

Well first of all, have you given your profile a tidy up and requested a review to earn Enhanced Profile for free? If not, read up all about how to upgrade for free here.

The alternative is to enter a paid plan for $29 per month (cancel anytime), or $290 for the full year (that's 2x months free).

Can I still upload artwork to sell on Bluethumb without a paid plan?

Yes absolutely.

What if I change my mind after choosing a profile?

No worries. You can upgrade anytime or cancel month-to-month subscriptions.

When will I be charged?

You’ll be asked to input your credit card details for payment to activate your Enhanced Artist Profile free 15 day trial. Billing will occur on the same day each month going forward.

Is there a minimum plan period?

After your free 15 day trial is complete, one month. Our month-to-month plan is super popular. Alternatively you can pay 12 months upfront and receive the final 2 months free (pay for 10 and get 12)!

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel the monthly plan and not be charged for the following months. No refunds are extended.

A paid plan provides…

Access to the powerful Enhanced Artist Profile features, plus our full network of collectors and marketing program, and a chance to work with the folk at Bluethumb who are passionate about art and technology.

Will artists who pay for Enhanced Artist Profiles receive more promotion on Bluethumb?

A paid plan offers better tools and deeper analytics. All artists remain eligible for curations, marketing and promotions.

What does Bluethumb do for their artists?

We help give you really important exposure and sales as we’ve always done. Since 2012, Bluethumb has been working tirelessly to help emerging artists build a sustainable career in the arts, and established artists grow their collector base. Nothing has changed here. It’s business as usual.

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