You'll need to be approved by Bluethumb to self-ship all of your orders. To request, please email us at [email protected]. Currently we're only approving high selling with a few exceptions and the approval is case by case basis.

Once you're approved - we will remove the additional shipping cost from all the listed available artworks in your profile. Once an artwork sells - there won't be a charge for shipping and you can continue to ship your artworks and share the tracking details with Bluethumb so we can keep the clients updated. This will apply to all your listed artworks and orders on Bluethumb.

To upload new artworks with '$0' shipping - follow the steps below:

  • Go to 'My Artworks'

  • Click on 'More Actions' next to an available artwork which already has $0 shipping.

  • Click on 'Create a similar listing'

  • This will lead you to a page with pre-filled info. You can replace the info and continue to upload photos and enter info for the new artwork.

  • When you get to the pricing section, you'll see that shipping allocation is zero and you can price the artwork to keep it uniform.

Very soon we will be updating this flow so you won't have to 'Create a similar listing' and can simply upload new artworks with $0 shipping (this will apply to artists who have been approved by Bluethumb to self-ship all of their artworks.

Note: Please note that once you choose to self-ship works, this applies to all of your orders and artworks. Bluethumb will not be shipping/handling your shipments.

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