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Having launched the suite of Bluethumb promote tools - click here for the full overview - many artists requested a more in-depth guide for the popular website and blogging platform, Wordpress.

If you maintain your own artist website or blog outside Bluethumb, you'll find many of the promote tools perfectly suited for highlighting and driving visits to your Bluethumb artworks.

Thankfully, Wordpress makes it very easy to use the promote tools within their platform, so let's get started!

🎨 Pro tip > if you're Bluethumb Studio Artist you have the ability to create their own blog-style content through their Bluethumb profile, using the In The Studio feature.


Choose your promote tool

  • First setup the tool you wish to add

  • Login to Bluethumb and head to Dashboard > Promote

  • Given the tool styles are much more visual and likely to have a stronger impact, we always recommend using something from the Buttons and Badges section

  • Use the Style dropdown menu to select your preferred tool

  • Simply follow the prompts to setup the tool to display as you wish

  • Click the 'copy code' button - you're now ready to paste the code wherever it needs to go. See below!

🎨 Pro tip > test different tools and watch your My Referrals table to monitor results


Adding a promote tool to your Wordpress post

  • Start a new post, or dive in to edit an existing post and give it a refresh

  • Within the Wordpress editor, you'll see two tabbed content style options - Visual and Text - on the top right just above the type area

  • Click on Text 

  • Decide where in your post you'd like the tool to visually appear, then paste the promote tool code

  • You may need to jump back to the Bluethumb promote tool page and re-click the 'copy code' button if it didn't copy/paste

  • Back in the Wordpress editor, click on Visual to preview what it looks like

  • And you're done! 

🎨 Pro tip > view the video example below for a visual of the steps above

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