• A 30% deposit is required prior to starting the project.

  • When the artwork is at a mid-way point, update photos will be provided. Once the artist is confident that the artwork is close to completion, final photos will be shared for approval. You are then able to submit one round of revisions if needed.

  • Once approved, the artwork will be uploaded to Bluethumb and steps for completion of the purchase will be sent. You can then complete the transaction with the balance payment.

  • The artwork will be ready for shipping soon as discussed and Bluethumb's 7 day return policy still stands. If you decide to return the artwork you will be refunded minus the deposit. This is non-refundable and is paid 100% to the artist to cover their costs.

Hope this sounds fair.

If this sounds good, the easiest way to put down a deposit is to purchase a gift voucher for 30% of the amount. Follow these steps below - 

  • Go to gift vouchers page on Bluethumb - https://bluethumb.com.au/vouchers/new

  • Choose the option "My email address so I can send it personally".

  • Enter your name and email address.

  • Enter the artist's name as the recipient.

  • Enter "Deposit for commissioned artwork from 'Artist'" in the message field.

  • Amount to be 30% of the total value of the artwork agreed upon.

Once this is put through, the artist will be notified and they can get started on the commission. Once the commission is complete and you're happy, we'll get in touch and walk you through the steps to finalise the purchase.

Please let us know if you have any questions re any step of the process.


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