Bluethumb Messaging is here. Who's excited? We definitely are ๐Ÿ™Œ.

We've been working on this for a while and believe this will give our artists better freedom and provide a space for secure transactions.

Here's how this works -ย 

  1. Collectors send you a message via Bluethumb (through you artwork page or your profile page).

  2. You'll receive an email and this will also show up in your Bluethumb inbox.

  3. You can reply directly via your email as well (if you're on the move) or log in to your Bluethumb inbox and reply from there. You can send images and listing via your Bluethumb inbox.

  4. You can also opt-in to receive notifications by text (there's a checkbox for this).

  5. You can also see if they are a Bluethumb verified collector (i.e. have successfully purchased via Bluethumb before).

  6. You can share your artwork listing or images via the chat.

The Bluethumb team has endless tips and tricks when communicating with clients and we'll share as much as we can with you. Here a few important ones:


Pricing is sensitive and the Bluethumb team keeps various points and variables in mind before providing a quote to the collectors. Following are a few things you should keep in mind if you're providing a quote directly to the collectors. We've provided an easy to use pricing tool right in your inbox, but still keep the following points in mind.

Quote for a commission: If you're commissioning an artwork, consider all the factors involved before quoting a price, such as:ย 

  • Always quote final price (never quote a breakdown): It's always best and hassle free to offer one single figure (e.g. $1,200 - inclusive of all costs such as shipping, delivery and insurance). This removes variables where collectors can negotiate on different points (such as shipping/delivery time etc.) and it's a simple and cleaner experience for them as well.

  • Shipping: Make sure the allocated shipping is included in ย the price you're quoting. Use the price calculator in the inbox for ease. If you're planning to deliver it directly and don't want any shipping included, quote them a final price and before uploading the final piece on Bluethumb - just talk to the team and we'll walk you through that.

  • Negotiating on the final purchase price: Often collectors put forward offers for your artworks, and that's great if you're open to them. Just know that a % is a cleaner/simpler way to go. Keep in mind that this will be applied to the total Artwork value. When you've agreed on a price - just talk to the team and we'll generate a code for them to use and place the order.

Commission Deposit: When you're working on a commission with a collector, and they've reached the stage where they'd like to put the deposit down - just talk to the Bluethumb team and we'll walk them through the payments etc. Here's how we usually go about it - How does commissioning work?

In a nutshell we take 30% (non-refundable) deposit from the clients. They purchase a gift voucher on Bluethumb for 30% value - then use it when they're purchasing the final piece (that way they pay 30% up front and 70% on approval).

Communication guidelines

We've set the communication terms that need to be adhered to - Bluethumb communication terms and conditions - give this a read. In short:

  • Keep all communication on via Bluethumb (don't email them personally, or share your phone number/email address).

  • All enquiries and orders should go through Bluethumb - not offline/directly.

  • Do not suggest purchasing through personal websites or another avenue (esp for prints). If they're after prints, please upload them on Bluethumb and send a link through to them.

  • Be kind and expect the same: We allow and accept no abuse towards Bluethumb team (and all artists are a part of the team). So, please report to Bluethumb team if you're having difficulty communicating with anyone.

  • If you prefer all communication be handled by Bluethumb team, just let us know and we won't push any messages through to you.

Conversations on Bluethumb are occasionally monitored by Bluethumb staff so feel free to loop us in if you need assistance. We'll notify you if we think something can be improved and if any terms are violated.

Lastly, this is a brand new feature and we believe that the best way to test it is to let our artists use it. If you find something that isn't performing as intended, please do let us know and we'll get that fixed in the phase two of Bluethumb inbox (which will have even more features).

Your team at Bluethumb!

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