Bluethumb now hosts the feature where collectors can communicate directly with the artists. To make sure everyone involved has a good experience and is treated fairly, we've put together the following terms and guidelines below.


Sales and orders

All enquiries started via Bluethumb are to be completed through Bluethumb. This is a requirement of our terms and conditions.Only transactions completed on Bluethumb are covered under our Fraud Protection for artists.

Fair and respectful communication

Play nice! Everyone involved are required to be respectful and fair. Any abusive behaviour, towards artists, collectors or the Bluethumb team is unacceptable and will result in service termination.

Exchange of personal information

Exchanging personal information to continue conversation off Bluethumb is not allowed, unless advised and approved by a Bluethumb team member.

Here are a few guidelines that we think might be helpful in communicating with collectors.


At Bluethumb, our average response rate to collectors is under 3 minutes (this is including after hours communication). This does mean less sleep but great service.

Now that you are communicating directly with collectors, getting in touch quickly is key to converting that question in to a sale.

  • Are you easily accessible over emails/texts/calls? Put your most contactable numbers in your accounts so the team can reach you quick and easy.
  • Do you have a landline number in your profile - fun fact, it can't receive texts when you sell something (or when Bluethumb or collectors try to reach you).
  • It’s team Bluethumb’s full time job to keep on top of all questions that are coming through about your artworks. Mention this in your listing (e.g. ask Bluethumb about commission/more photos etc.) so we can easily answer the small itsy bitsy questions (e.g. is this ready to hang - the most common question we get).
  • All coversations taking place via Bluethumb are occassionaly monitored by Bluethumb staff - so if we think we can answer a question quicker, we will step in on your behalf as well. It's always good to follow up when you can though :)

Quoting a price

We understand maths isn't everyone's forte - so we've put in an easy to use price calculator right in your inbox. You can use it to calculate all factors involved. It's key that you quote the final all inclusive price to the collector (and not the breakdown). This helps reduce the variables where a negotiation on pricing can happen.

Before quoting - keep these points in mind as well:

Are your prices uniform across all platforms that you sell through - including your website? 

  • They should be! Even if your website doesn't include shipping prices or agent's commission. Price uniformity is an industry standard and can sometimes be missed very easily. This instills a confidence in the collectors towards costs and avoids any price related discrepancies cross platform. This is also something we stand by quite strongly and is also a part of Ts & Cs of all art market platforms (including us - read details here).

How does this affect you might ask?

  • Most people only make decisions based on pricing when they're on the checkout/order page. That means, any discrepancies in pricing pushes them towards losing confidence in the brand (that's you as an artist). This pushes them back to the cycle of finding something they want and doing this all over again - pretty discouraging.

Commissioning an artwork

Have a quick read at this article which outlines a few points that every artist should consider when working on a custom/commissioned piece for a collector.

Tips and best practice when commissioning an artwork for a collector!

Relationships and Trust

The world runs on mutual trust - and so do we. When talking to collectors directly, try and avoid any offline contact and keep all communication via Bluethumb inbox.

Why is it important?

  • Our best selling artists state this as the single most important factor in building recurring sales and long term, trusting, relationships.
  • We spend significant amount of effort and funds in marketing online (in fact more than 50% of what we earn). This means a lot of effort and funds are going in to find new collectors and bring them to the site (fun fact - every sale on Bluethumb is subsidised by almost $100 by marketing efforts). If these collectors then contact you directly for a bargain - are you referring them back to the platform they found you on?

Doing this

  • (a) is highly appreciated by us as it proves your professionalism and
  • (b) tells us that we can trust you.

Not doing this tells your agent that they can't trust you - that means you do get this one sale but no more love in the future.

It's also a case of being fair and just - if someone's earned you a lead, reward them with trust so it builds into a long term relationship.

We hope you enjoy the new direct chat tool. This is brand new so if you find something that's not working as expected - as always, please let us know.

Your team at Bluethumb

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